Thursday, April 21, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Nothing says "Happy 30th!" like your 4 week Ob/Gyn follow-up appointment first thing in the morning. #HipHipHooray (insert sarcasm here)

2.) Bestest BFF @YankeBell surprised my front door with birthday balloons & a bottle of Reisling. It's been confirmed: I'm going gay. #Dirty30

3.) Should seriously be napping at night when the newborn is but good golly, my mac is much more fun. my attitude will surely suffer in the am.

4.) You know you're a mom when: You find extreme accomplishment after finally weeding through & organizing your kids artwork. #TheGlamorousLife

5.) Daddy takes off work today while I jumped from two appointments. I get home & all 3 girls are napping. At.The.Same.Time. #NeverEverHappensLikeEver

6.) At baby J's 1st pediatrician visit, Dr. W sits down & says he had to find his highlighter after reviewing discharge summary. #LoveOurMiracleBaby

7.) This weekend's philosophy (AKA excuse for being a pathetic mess and not being sorry about it): What Would Sheen Do? #SGP

8.) Guys night out: where jay comes home to brag about his fabulous meal while i eat ramen noodles. the upside? at least he brought me home some bread pudding. #75/25

9.) Good grief. Coochie cutters are cutting coochies shorter than ever this summer. #MyPantiesHideMoreAssCheek #WhatNotToWearMoms

10.) You know you're a mother when: You find a half-eaten Rice Krispy Treat in your purse. #TheGlamorousLife

11.) If it's wrong to take a Tylenol with a swig of wine, then by golly, I don't want to be right. #TheWitchingHour #AkaKidsBedtime

12.) I haven't been this productive in weeks. Weeks, people!!! #MamasGotHerGrooveBack

13.) Finds it absolutely hilarious when Hubs laughs & points out that sweet baby Jemma is "rooting" near his nipple. #SenseWeeBitVaginaEnvy #HaHaHa

14.) This weather was nap-inducing and yet now it just makes me want to soil myself. #RidiculousTornados #Alwx

15.) Caught lyla wearing baby sister's 0-3 month onesie. It looks like a midriff shirt on her. And so it begins of sisters stealing each other's clothes.

16.) #ModernFamily never fails to disappoint.

17.) Random college memory #536: Pi Kapp formal in Chatty where Jay & I snuck into nearby high school's prom as we partook in last dance & pics. #Awesomatic

18.) After pretending to read a book to me, lyla will say "amen" instead of "the end." Oh, how I love my green card into heaven. #CatholicSchool

19.) Warning: Arm may snap off. If not, I should be rocking killer biceps in no time. God bless carrying around the pumpkin seat. #NoJoke

20.) Random college memory #537: Attending a leadership retreat & waking up the next morning to my big sister's underwear hanging on flagpole. #Awesomatic

21.) Mabster asked Tita Karmie, "How come you're not married? Is it because you don't want a boy to tell you what to do?" Her response: Exactly!

22.) Is wearing spit up. Because it's the new black. #NastyFashionista

23.) Hubs bought a new video monitor for baby Jemma today. The thing zooms in & out while scanning the whole room. He He He so excited. #TechDork

24.) I realize my sweet baby is on a high caloric intake, but holy moses, how much can one human poop!? #ThirtyTimesADay #IWishIWasKidding

25.) While digging for a worm, Abby freaks out over an ant. True story.

26.) Currently watching the news. Reports indicate a man was caught gouging his grandfather's eyes out with a spoon. Found them in the kitchen trash. #CantMakeThisUpPeople


Anonymous said...

those actually weren't my underwears. i swapped gina's for mine because i knew mike grier and stidham were up to something. you've never seen two boys scramble to a flagpole when i told them!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Love number 25!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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