Thursday, April 28, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Keeping our neighborhood shaved ice cream truck in business, one snow cone at a time. And it's not even summer yet. Pina colada flavor? Yes!

2.) There's nothing more disgusting than cleaning poop out of a Pull-Up. Twice. Within five minutes of the last one. #Blech

3.) Good: Lyla tells me she has to poop. Bad: But only after the deed is done. Conclusion: Potty-training sucks.

4.) Watching the "Ramona eyes" walk down the runway is absolutely hysterical. #RealHousewivesNewYorkCity

5.) Not even 8:00am and the neighbor kid is walking through our back door. Guess I should start wearing pants at all times. #TooEarlyForThisMom

6.) Midnight pillow talk: Where we discuss Hubs getting "fixed." He agrees, pauses & says, "but what if it's the end of world & it's up to me to repopulate earth?" #FunnyMan

7.) I look fat so I want to go to the gym, but I don't want to go to the gym because I look fat. #SGP

8.) Loves going to mass and singing along to all the old school songs I grew up with. #Memories #HappyEaster

9.) You know you're a mom when: You find a used fork in the trusty "junk drawer" in your kitchen. #TheGlamorousLife

10.) The sucktitude of this day sucks. And it's not even noon. #OneThingAfterAnother #BooHiss

11.) My kids are now cleaning. And I didn't even have to yell, err I mean "tell" them to. #TheDayIsOnTheUp&Up #KnockOnWood

12.) Dear Gawd. My Hub's flatulence has the capability of wiping out a small village. Guaranteed. #SendHelp

13.) The oldest daughter has an echo. It's name is Lyla. #RepetitionAtItsFinest

14.) Dear 8 y/o boy, if you're going to drool over my cantaloupes while waiting in the checkout line, I suggest you have your mom buy some. #TalkinAboutFruitPeople

15.) If the tall one has told me once, she's told me 50 million times: There's a mosquito bite on her forehead. #BloodSuckingBugsBegone

16.) RT@capricecrane: Getting the "silent treatment" is hilarious. It's like these people assume you actually *want* to hear them speak.

17.) Big B just told Jay that Abby was her BFF. Jay responds with, "OMG, I need a BFF. WTF. LOL" #DaddyLingoWithDaughters

18.) RT @capricecrane: When a guy revs his engine, that's code for: "This is what a small penis sounds like."

19.) Slumber party in progress. No longer hearing loud giggles from their bedroom. Perhaps they are finally asleep. #JoysOfParenthood

20.) RT @kimberlyfarr: It's never a good thing if your local television station loses it's data connection to the radar system. #yikes #alwx

21.) Me hearts watching #SwampPeople with the Hubs just to hear them talk..."He comes a-runnin, I'mma gonna come a-shootin." #GetThemGators

22.) Wednesday. 5:00 am. Poop diaper. Hungry baby. Tornado sirens. Awake scared big kids. Twitching left eye. I'm done, April. Done. #Alwx