Thursday, April 28, 2011

tornadoes hit alabama: 4/27/11

i really don't even know where to begin with writing this blog post. this week has been crazier than you can ever imagine. my days are all blurred together so i'm just running with what i know at this point...sooo, yankee belle recently found out that her 2 y/o son was diagnosed with diabetes. it was a complete shock to all of us. while we offered to watch big B and let the girls enjoy a slumber party, they were at the hospital enduring patient education and monitoring CJ. below is a picture of the girls playing during the day. the neighbor friend (laney) also came over to play. they were all having a blast as they made "bedrooms" in different rooms. tita karmie also came over while jay worked on her computer. abby took the picture of her below...also this next pic was all jay's idea. since we all know that yankee belle and family are huge bama fans, he stuck their little girl in an auburn t-shirt. he swears it was because the other shirt she had on hurt her arms and she wanted a bigger one so it's the best one he found. all i have to say is that real friends have slumber parties in time of need, and real REAL friends put their friends' kid in opposing rivalry sports shirts for shits & giggles. big B seemed to enjoy it...the next day (wednesday, april 27, 2011), weather reports were indicating massive tornadoes within our fine state of alabama. i want to say that it was around 3:00pm when a tornado touched down in cullman. i have family that lives there and immediately thought of my mamaw so i called the farmhouse to check on her as quickly as i could. my cousin adam answered the phone and said that they were all okay. that the storm had just passed them about 5 minutes ago and then the tornado touched down. thank god!

we knew the horrible weather was headed our way so once our local tornado sirens started sounding off, we all got our valuables and ran downstairs. is it sad that the first thing i thought of was, "oh, i gotta grab my blog books!" but then i quickly remembered that this blog is online and i can always get them re-printed. also, we made all the kids put their shoes on just in case we later had to walk over debris. we knew these huge tornadoes were serious.

we had a full house that day. tita karmie, uncle tre, cousin carson, nana, and big B were all with us since they felt they didn't have a true "safe place" at their own house. so we all hunkered down while watching the news and letting the kids play. as we sat and watched the tornado in tuscaloosa make it's destruction, we knew it was headed our way. the thing was HUGE. and SCARY. james spann told us that if would be in gardendale at 6:11pm and for all of us to get in our safe place. at one point all of the kids lined up beside the wall and got it their "tornado drill" form like they do at school. the time is 6:09pm and our power starts to brown out. then it was 6:11pm and it's completely dark and you can hear the strong winds from downstairs. it was insane. soon it passed and we were all okay.our power was still out and we knew it'd most likely be out for days. after the tornado passed, we went outside to assess the damage. luckily, there wasn't much in our neighborhood although we had heard that fultondale had got hit hard. later pawpaw came over and told us that he was headed up to the lakehouse to assess the damage there as well and to check up on mamaw. supposedly, there was a gas leak in our neighborhood and we were told to blow out all candles. once we finally got in contact with everyone whether it was cell phone or facebook (god bless social media in a time of crisis), we let everyone know we were all safe and accounted for. soon lola phoned up and told us to come over to her house to spend the night since they had power and we didn't. we drove over, ate a warm meal, and fell asleep knowing our loved ones are safe. i swear i didn't stop shaking till nerves were shot.


*Yankee Belle* said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much for taking care of 1 of our 2 most precious things in life. You all are the bestest best frends a family could have. I will always love you more. XOXO