Thursday, April 21, 2011

twinkies family birthday dinner

thursday night, karla maria and i celebrated our 30th birthday at dinner at our local outback steakhouse with our side of the family. we arrived around 7:30pm with hardly no wait at all. my favorite. we sat down to our table and all the kids wanted to sit by their tita karmie. sweet baby jemma slept in her pumpkin seat the whole time while giggles and squeals filled the restaurant thanks to the happiness that oozes from our loud family. after finishing dinner, our waitress brought us out dessert as everyone sang the fun corny "happy birthday" song with claps and laughter. here are some pics...after dinner was over, we all walked out to our cars where lola and pawpaw had surprise easter goodies for their grandbabies. they were all so excited. even baby jemma got her first teddy bear and some super cute outfits. also, tita karmie gave jemma a cute dress as well. thank you to all! it was a great family birthday dinner and the perfect ending to karla and i's birthday month! xoxo