Monday, April 25, 2011

update on sweet baby jemma

over a week ago, baby jemma had her first visit with her pediatrician. he looked over her discharge summary and told us that he had to find his highlighter in order to take special note of some specifics because well, her folder is thick. for obvious reasons. we talk about her nutrition, temporary shunt, etc. he inspects and assesses baby jemma and all is well. we go back again for our next appointment with him again later this week.

here are her stats on 4/15/11:

weight: 7 pounds 12 ounces
length: 20 1/2 inches
head circumference: 36.1 cm

she loves it when her big sisters play with her. they sit in front of her doing their baby talk at her while jemma just gazes and smiles at them. she absolutely loves being held. i have to do it all the time or else it's hard for her to fall asleep. i don't mind though. i'm thankful i have the opportunity to spoil you since missing out the whole first month you were here.

she hates having her diaper changed and some times she fights falling asleep. my sweet child, you will one day beg for sleep...when you have kids of your own, i promise. also, initial bath time is a bit distressing but once she's settled in and i drape a wash cloth over her, she seems to be okay with week, we meet for her neurosurgery appointment where they will look at her temporary shunt and determine where to go from there. that said, if you haven't noticed already...look closely in some of the pics where baby jemma is not wearing a hat. you will notice a lumpy head.

the bigger lump on the top of her head is where her spinal fluid has formed a pocket due to her temporary shunt. this is completely normal. once we meet with her neurologist again, they will determine if she needs a permanent shunt or not. also, the side little bumps are from the bleed that formed after putting in the shunt. all of this is superficial meaning it's not located within the brain but rather in between the skull and skin (a good thing).

either way, her sweet little head will be formed back to normal within the next few months. the nurses told us to invest in cute little hats so that's what we're doing, although around the house she does not wear one. no worries, sweet baby jemma, mommy is good with working certain angles when taking your picture. of course you look beautiful no matter what. we love you, sweet angel.


The Badyrkas said...

she's gorgeous!! glad yall had a great Easter.

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

She is beautiful!!!