Wednesday, May 18, 2011

abby's 4K graduation

today was abby's graduation from 4-year-old kindergarten held inside Our Lady of Sorrow's Catholic Church. her class who attends school 3 days a week (monday, wednesday, and friday) was joined with the other 4 y/o class that goes 5 days a week. abby's class is on the left side of the altar. the beautiful ceremony started at 10:00am where each child walked down the aisle with a flower in which they laid in a basket beneath virgin mary's feet. they lined up on the stairs in front of the church where they sang some beautiful songs, one of which i so vividly remember singing at my kindergarten graduation nearly 25 years ago. god bless catholic school where tradition is sacred. did i mention she was so ridiculously cute as we watched her sing her little heart out? here are some pics...later in the ceremony, each child walked up to the microphone and recited an intention for a specific special prayer as the crowd replied back, "lord, hear our prayer." then came time for receiving diplomas from their teacher as their principal (mrs. dorn) announced them. abby walked over to mrs. noblitt where she was handed hers and given a sweet hug. once each classmate received their diploma, they all stood together and sang "hail mary" one last time. it was so beautiful and sweet. here are some pics...the graduation ceremony ended and the reception was held in the parish hall shortly after. cake, punch, and snacks were served as we congratulated abby with hugs and kisses. her and her BFF (brooke) took a picture with their teacher (mrs. noblitt) and then later ran around with their classmates and friends. we are so incredibly proud of you, abby. i cannot believe how fast you are growing up right before our eyes. next year, you will be in uniform and going five full days...a baby no more. we love you, sweet girl! xoxo