Friday, May 6, 2011

abby's art show

friday morning while dropping off abby at school, the parents were given the opportunity to look at their child's fantastic art creations that they have put together over the year. it was marked on our calendar as their "art show" and we didn't want to miss it. abby was so excited as she showed her masterpieces. one of which was her "junk creature" that she made in honor of earth day as the kids were encouraged to bring in junk to recycle and make art out of. just to name a few...there were flower paintings, dino books, "caterpillars that turn into butterflies" creations, their weekly journal, etc. that were being displayed. all of them were amazing. abby also showed daddy where their bulletin board is that displays the special helpers of the day and their class pictures. one of abby's favorite things while picking her up after carpool is letting me know who the special helpers of the day were. it cracks me up. here are some pics...lastly, here is a picture of abby with her teacher mrs. noblitt. she absolutely loves her and so do we. in fact, we love the whole noblitt family...especially since they live on our side of town. hooray for the north siiiide! lol. all in all, we're so thankful for a great teacher and proud of abby's beautiful artwork. we love you, sweet girl! xoxo