Sunday, May 1, 2011

abby's dance recital 2011

for the past 3 years, abby has taken dance classes at the children's dance foundation in homewood. she absolutely loves going and i enjoy watching her. this weekend marked her annual recital at the alabama theater. the performance started at 5:30pm and we all arrived early to get good seats. the story of "spindlewood" began in which abby's 4 year old class were the amberglee fairies. they pranced around on stage and it was adorable. lyla watched in awe while baby jemma slept the whole time. towards the end, all of the ballerinas came out on stage and sang together their final song. it was wonderful. here are some pictures...after abby's dance recital was over with, daddy went to retrieve her at the side door while we waited to surprise her with "great job" flowers and surprises. lyla got some surprises too. abby did so good and we were so proud of her. bravo, you were absolutely beautiful up there!after wards, we decided to enjoy a lovely family dinner at olive garden. both sides of our family came and it was nice having everyone together. we sat down, chatted, laughed, and then papa john toasted to "good times with family." he said that after the week he had, he definitely needed the good laughter. i have to admit, i had a great time multitasking while burping jemma with one arm and holding a margarita in the other. even sweet baby jemma came dressed for the occasion in her own cute little tutu. good times with great company to lift all of our spirits. thanks for coming and great job, abby! we love you. xoxo


*Yankee Belle* said...

The Mabster is adorable, as always. I hate we missed it...but we were there in spirit. I will buy her an icecream from the truck next time he comes around... =)