Saturday, May 14, 2011

bass pro shop

if you haven't already yet gathered this fact, here it is...i'm a dork. the littlest, most ridiculous things excite me. so this saturday, we had absolutely nothing planned. we woke up and of course the first thing out of the girls' mouths were "what are we doing today?" yes, they ask this question, every.single.morning. daddy jumps up and says, "let's go to the bass pro shop." so that's what we do. he has been a couple of times and the girls have been before with their tita karmie. i, however, have never been. that's okay though because upon arrival, abby persistently wanted to show me "the bear in the cave." so off we went. and of course, she told me to take a pic. so i did. of course i did. lyla, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the bear...she stayed apprehensively in the cart far away from it. it was hilarious.we walk around and browse a few things. jay buys a "swamp people" t-shirt (oh yes he did) and a super cute pair of shorts. we make our way to the water/lake toys and daddy finds a pair of kid water skis that one day he hopes to encourage his girls to do. i told him to at least wait till they are 8 and their bones won't dislocate. ya know, because we've already been there, done that. anyhoo, they enjoyed hamming it up for a picture at least...we are having a blast, guys. cheesy, i know, but that store is huge. not to mention there are photo opps every where i turn. hehe. we pass by the fish tank and abby and lyla go nuts. they are in awe by all the big fishies swimming around above their heads. here are some pics...