Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy 3rd birthday, carson!

after the first birthday party, abby and i headed back home to pick up the rest of our gang for cousin carson's 3rd birthday party at the zoo. his celebration started at 1:30pm so timing was in our favor. we were all super excited about this party as well considering we've never been to one at the zoo. when we arrived, lola had a bag full of flair and goodies for her grandbabies to wear, hats and sunglasses galore! gotta love getting in party mode. they were adorable.once everyone got there, we walked over to the pavilion where carson's festivities were about to take place. the zoo lady showed the kids all different types of reptiles and animals. some of which were a turtle, snake, guinea pig, etc. they even got to pet each one. later, we all sang happy birthday and watched as carson blew out the candle on his cake. we then enjoyed ice cream, cake, and juice. it was yummy. here are some pics...later, we all headed towards the carousel for a quick ride. both abby and lyla ran as fast as they could to their desired character, it was too funny. i got to ride along with them while jay watched sweet baby jemma as she dozed in and out of sleep in the stroller. here are some pics. notice baby jemma's beautiful blue eyes. dear god, i hope they stay that color. that would just be fan-freakin-tastic.lastly after the carousel ride, we all walked over to the choo-choo train for another fun ride. the kiddos were going nuts, they were so excited. all in all, it was a great party for my sweet nephew. happy birthday, carson. we love you! xoxo