Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy 5th birthday, lila!

saturday morning, abby and i headed out the door and towards the galleria for one of her classmates and dear friend's birthday party. the celebration was held at "build a bear" and started at 10:00am. we've never been to a party there so i was quite excited to see the fun experience the girls got to have. first, they got to pick out their very own stuffed animal. no surprise, abby picks out the pink fluffy bear. soon they all sit in a circle, play a game, and each kid is allowed to pick a heart. then with the help of a lady, they stuff the inside of their own bear and later stitch the back of it up. then they got to pick out an outfit and bows for their bear. abby picked out a super cute sparkly silver tank top for hers. my child has excellent taste because admittedly, i wanted one in my size. here are some pics...after gathering in the front of the store, singing happy birthday to lila, and taking a group picture, we all headed to the nearby food court where everyone enjoyed chick-fil-a for lunch. once everyone was finished, we sang happy birthday again as lila blew out the candle on her cookie cake. overall, abby had a great time. also, can i just say i love her classmates and the fellow moms there? everyone gets along great and it's so funny to watch our kids interact. happy birthday, lila!