Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy 5th birthday, meredith!

sunday around noon, we packed up and headed over to one of abby's classmates (meredith's) 5th birthday party at her new house. the theme was a hawaiian luau with a strawberry shortcake bounce house (per the birthday girls request). abby loves playing with meredith and admittedly, we love playing with her mom and dad too. the backyard was set up with a cute tiki bar, everyone donned leis, and their were yummy fruit kabobs amongst other treats. the girls were having a blast. here are some pics...later in the day, all of the kiddos were gathered up and waited their turn to take a whack at the hawaiian girl pinata. it was hysterical. both abby and lyla were blind-folded and given the opportunity to give it a swing. they both made contact, but had a sneak peek since the blindfold kinda fell down. all the munchkins provided lots of laughter as they chanted each other's names. finally when the pinata broke, the candy went crashing down along with the kids in a mad search to retrieve some loot. here are some pics...soon it was time for cake and ice cream. everyone met up in the kitchen where the kids gathered around the table as we sang "happy birthday" to meredith. she blew out her candles as everyone cheered. overall, it was a great birthday party and we were so happy to help celebrate. happy 5th birthday, meredith!