Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day to me!

this year for mother's day, my girls made me the cutest gifts ever. i'm a real sucker for the cheesy homemade thoughtful presents, always have been. that said, abby's 4-K class made a "mom's tasty recipes" book where each child listed one of their favorite things they eat in which their mommy helps make for them. if you read below, you will see that abby chose a peanut butter sandwich. simple enough, right? oh no, it gets better...

if you read carefully, you will see that she said to add "ham" to the sandwich. yes...HAM. i must have missed something or perhaps she has made one of these sandwiches while i wasn't looking, but i swear on all things holy that my kid has never eaten a "peanut butter and ham sandwich." i find it absolutely hysterical though that she even thought of it. moreover, reading each classmate's entry was pretty funny. one said "cook a corn dog for 5 seconds" whereas the other said "cook for seven minutes." love me some kids. and i love my gift. thank you, abby!next, my sweet little lyla made me a beautiful card by using her painted hand print as a flower for the front cover. once you open the inside, the sweetest words were written. she also gave me a flower pail with her hand prints painted on the side as "happy mother's day 2011" is written in the middle. a pretty little flower blooms within the pail. i just love both gifts. thank you, lyla!this next picture is of lyla's mother's day pail being displayed beside the one that abby made for me while she was in the MDO program. each have their names and the date on them, and i can't wait for one day to add baby jemma's flower pail to the shelf as well. again, thank you my sweet girls...ya'll have made this the best mother's day yet!lastly, my gift from jay was more than i ever hoped for and definitely much needed. i'm not gonna lie, it's definitely been a life-changing adjustment getting use to having three kids in constant tow. as a stay at home mom, some days are great and others are just hair-pulling, chaotic, constant screaming, refereeing, negotiating, disciplining...and well, just hoping that they are even listening.

add on that this past week, both abby and lyla caught the crud of a cold/sinus infection which then was given to me. and well, who takes care of mommy when mommy is sick? daddy did. he booked me a massage at ross bridge and gave me a hall pass for the entire day. the entire day, people!! i've never had this much independence in weeks! nobody to worry about, wipe a nose, wipe a bum-bum, or prepare a meal for anyone but myself. do you know how freeing one day off your job feels like!? it's awesome. so stacy came along and we enjoyed the day together. we laid out by the pool for hours and sipped on a couple of refreshing mojitos. i've never been so happy and relaxed...seriously though, it was nice to feel appreciated and that i deserved it for being a mom and having the toughest job in the world. i mean, these are little people that i am helping to mold into good souls when they grow up. if they grow up to be criminals, it's all my fault! (totally kidding there. i hope...) i take pride in what i do and i love being paid at the end of the day with a smile and an "i love you" from my matter how crazy they made me earlier in the day. happy mental health day...err, i mean mother's day to all! xoxo


Elizabeth said...

LOL! You haven't really lived until you have a peanut butter and ham sandwich ;) What sweet gifts! Happy Mother's Day!!!

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