Sunday, May 22, 2011

karla's baby shower for grant

sunday i helped co-host a baby shower in honor of my twinkie, karla maria, and her upcoming new baby boy, grant clayton thomas. the baby shower was held at her neighborhood's clubhouse where many showers/sprinkles have been held before. we absolutely love this place. the set up and take down is so incredibly easy as opposed to having it at someone's house. ya know, because we all have kids and it's nearly impossible to keep a home immaculate so this location always works out perfect. here's a picture of the mom-to-be of two sweet boys in front of her cake...karla maria's shower mostly consisted of our moms group friends along with a couple of college friends. here is a picture of the current preggers that were there. it seems everybody is knocked up right now...what's up with that!? i love it though. here's a picture of the preggers who are all pretty much relatively close in due dates (farida, keri, karla, maloney, and becca)...soon karla maria began to open up her gifts. she received a bunch of cute and much needed stuff for baby grant along with some matching outfits for both carson and grant. i wasn't able to get a lot of pictures of gift-opening since i was also the recorder of the gift-giving. i like to pride myself in multi-tasking, but today, i slightly failed. i think i might have ran my mouth a bit too much while watching the presents being opened. oops.lastly, here's a picture of karla maria with her hostesses. the next picture is a group picture of everyone there, and the next is of my twinkie and me. it's kinda funny how our last two pregnancies have always been 3 months apart from each other. and we planned it that way since we want our cousins to be close to each other as well as in the same class. god love it. all in all, it was a great baby shower and we can't wait to meet sweet little grant around the beginning of july!