Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lyla's dance recital

lyla had her dance recital this morning during her usual class time and in the bigger studio at CDF. the two year olds recital is a bit more low key and much shorter than the older age groups who have theirs at the alabama theater. nonetheless, it is still very much a special occasion and we were so excited to watch our lyla bug's very first recital.

we arrived, sat in our seats, and let the show begin. ms. lori started out just as she does in the beginning of every class period by having the ballerinas grab their stars. then they proceed to walk around on their tippy-toes and sing "twinkle twinkle little star." once they put their stars up, they grabbed a partner. it was no surprise that lyla grabbed the hand of her closest friend, kolee-brook. these two just love playing together. they danced around the room together and then everyone sat in a circle where they sang, "where, oh where, oh where is lyla..." as she ran around the circle. this is one of lyla's favorites. add in some "criss cross applesauce," handkerchiefs, stars, giggles, and smiles...and the show was ended with waves goodbye to the crowd. it was absolutely adorable. here are some pics...our lyla ran to us after her recital was over with and we swooped her up with hugs and kisses. we told her that she did a wonderful job, gave her flowers that were nearly as tall as she is, and told her how proud we were of her. tita karmie was there to congratulate her as well along with some other friends. after wards, we all moved into the nearby room to enjoy snacks and talking with ms. lori. we love us some ms. lori. she is one of the sweetest dance instructors around. overall, lyla did an awesome job. we are so proud of you and we love you! xoxo