Thursday, May 5, 2011

lyla's spring program

thursday marked lyla's moms day out spring program at OLS. her performance started at noon where her and some classmates along with all the other age groups within MDO began to perform. they all stood on stage and sang many different songs that they have learned throughout the year during their music class. once they all arrived on stage, lyla spotted us in the crowd and waved. her face lit up as did ours. watching her was the sweetest thing ever. i love her ever budding personality. she absolutely loves to sing and does it all the time. add in a sway and some hand motions, and my heart has never been happier. here are some pics...after the production, we walked around and found her artwork under mrs. lauren (her teacher)'s section. we were allowed to take them down and home with us as a keepsake. all of her drawings were absolutely beautiful. there were also random pictures taken throughout their school year that we were also allowed to take. here are some pics...lastly, after retrieving lyla from the stage and looking at her artwork, we all sat down to eat some lunch that was provided. lola, pawpaw, tita karla, tita karmie, and our douglas party of five were all there to watch and celebrate. we've never been more proud of you, lyla. we love you, sweet girl! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love the the third picture of her on stage with her classmates - she is precious!!