Friday, May 27, 2011

memorial weekend 2011: day 3

friday morning, abby and lyla woke up and made a fort in the sunroom just like they do every summer. they hide under a sheet/blanket/towel that they drape over the two recliners and then later find a big cushion to use as a bridge over the two...they lay over it as they both fall in between the middle. it's seem to be funny every time. luckily, no one ever gets hurt. knock on wood. here are some pics...after eating pancakes for breakfast, we all got ready donning our bathing suits, sunglasses, and floaties as we walked down to the dock. the mitchelles were waiting for us as they drove over by boat. we swam, drank, played, laughed, and sang along to stacy's ipod. later, uncle germy stopped by on his pontoon boat and we swam around some more. here are some pics...soon the girls were begging and pleading with daddy to "let's go feed the fishies." this incessant want of theirs is where we go to rock creek marina so that jay can fill up on gas, the girls can feed crackers off the dock to the huge carp fish that are their "pets" there (absolutely no fishing allowed) and then they get to pick out a ring pop. of course they want to "feed the fishies"...a ring pop is always involved. so that's exactly what we did. on the way over, jay sarcastically made fun of me as he opened his arms out wide as if he were welcoming the sun on his skin. i love that white man. he cracks me up.

also, some times during long boat rides, the girls like to lay down and sleep as i cover them up with their towels. i gotta admit, i love when they do this. it's a cute little sight and makes the cruise that much more opening snacks, answering questions, fixing hair, etc. they just sleep. here are some pics...once we got back in, we decided to eat dinner out. jay was craving a steak from barangus in jasper and then we hit up the wal-mart for a couple of more groceries which included bottles of moscato wine. yum-o.