Sunday, May 29, 2011

memorial weekend 2011: day 5

sunday was the day where we decided to have some friends and their families up for the day to play. jay grilled out his usual pork tenderloin and hot dogs for the kids while everyone else brought up a dish to share. as soon as everyone arrived around 11:00am, we all headed down to the dock for some swimming and lounging around. nothing's better than floating in the lake with a bottle of boone's farm...keeping it classy, people. one fuzzy navel at a time. here are some hour or so passes and the meat is done cooking. everyone dries off and heads back inside to make ourselves a plate. the menu consisted of tenderloin, hot dogs, broccoli salad, hashbrown casserole, corn on the cob, cheese bread, green bean casserole, spin dip, and key lime and turtle pies for dessert. everything was absolutely delicious and definitely hit the spot after being out in the sun and swimming. also, lola took a group picture for me as everyone was gathered in the kitchen. here are some pics...after our tummies were full, we all headed back down towards the dock for more swimming and fun. some of the kiddos wanted to go tubing so jay got everything set up and off we went. i really like the fact that tubing is fun for all ages and very safe for the little ones especially when jay just drives them in a straight line. it's only when the big kids get on till he starts slinging them around every where. hehe. here are some pics...later, jay drops some of us back off at the dock to meet up with others and hang out while taking turns on who's next in the tube. uncle germy comes to visit on his seadoo and gives both abby and lyla a ride. they were both so excited to be in the front seat acting as if they were solely driving it themselves. luckily, we got a picture of abby on it with him, but when it came time for lyla's turn, i was already swimming again in the water. nonetheless, they both had fun and weren't scared. here are some pics...lastly, everyone ended the day with chatting and relaxing at the dock before packing up and going home. the girls had fun dancing on top of the boat to stacy's awesome ipod playlist. it was pretty funny to watch. overall, it was definitely a fun-filled day and everyone slept like babies that night. happy memorial day weekend, everyone!