Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tag team tuesday

this week is crazy busy. of course it doesn't help now that we are down to one car. go figure it'd happen on a week filled with doctor appointments, dance recitals, spring programs, and art shows...all of which we plan to attend as a family.

tuesday morning started off with jay and i battling over the shower. everyone knows that ladies go first. for one because it's etiquette. two, because we just take longer (shave, blow dry, make-up...you get my drift). luckily, jay is aware of this so i went first. this reminded me of how grateful i am that we don't have to share that routine every morning.

so we all jump into big bertha and head on down to the hospital where jay takes baby jemma to her doctor appointment while i take abby and lyla to dance class. this was abby's very last class and it seemed to be a bittersweet one. we'll definitely miss it, but it'll be one less run around...packing up 3 kids and getting out the door on time just sucks some days. not gonna lie. during abby's last class, they danced around for a bit and then had a party after wards with snacks. one of abby's friends gave everyone a "wish bracelet." lyla got one too and is still wearing hers.after dance class, i pick up jay and jemma at the hospital and then drop him off at work. soon after, i got a call from tita karmie. she wanted to take abby and lyla out for the day and give me a break like she did last tuesday...did i mention how much tuesdays are beginning to be my favorite day? and how much i love tita karmie?

so it was a nasty cold rainy day, therefore, she decided to take them to the mcwane center. they played there for a couple of hours, and then headed to the bookstore where they ate bagels and juice. tita karmie also bought a princess book for lyla where it helps her learn more words/objects/colors/etc. both her and abby pointed to certain things and lyla would say what they are. jay and i are thinking about changing karmie's name to "nanny karmie" instead of "tita karmie." ha! all in all, they had a great day while i stayed home to take care of lyla. i love golden little breaks like that. thank you!