Thursday, May 5, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) So incredibly emotional over everything going on. It's a very odd feeling to feel blessed & depressed all at the same time. #HeavyHeartToday #WeAreAlabama #Tornadoes2011

2.) Wonders why the entrance into the ladies locker room at the Mountain Brook #YMCA smells like a dirty armpit. #WhatIsThat?

3.) RT@anjeanettec: The dress code for The Royal Wedding is very similar to the Kentucky Derby, but with slightly less hideous hats.

4.) To blog or to sleep? That is the question. #SoMuchToCatchUpOn #WithBoth

5.) Awesome day: Attended my nearly 5 y/o's dance recital, dinner at Olive Garden with both sides of family, & now news of Osama's death. #Woot!

6.) RT@FollowHeidi: The boots on the ground that recovered that body should get the reward money. #GodBlesstheUSArmedForces

7.) RT @runwicked: I won't believe they killed Osama until I see his death certificate. And it has to be the long form one. #Sarcasm

8.) My brain is going to explode with all of this "history in the making" kind of week. #NeverADullMoment

9.) Watching news on death of #Osama when someone ruins the chants of "USA, USA, USA!!" by screaming "Roll Tide!" #ThatsTheSouthForYa #Shudder

10.) Fact: The smell of Desitin and poop is absolutely gag inducing.

11.) Sweet baby Jemma in NICU for a month, tornadoes destroy family business in Fultondale, & now some guy totals Hub's car. One word: UNCLE!!!

12.) Dropped off bags of clothes & toys for tornado victims then went shopping for a friend who lost their house during the storm. #WantToDoMore #CantEvenBeginToImagine

13.) HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE: believe in yourself so strongly that the world can't help but to take notice and start believing in you too. #SGP

14.) Happy Star Wars Day!! #MayThe4thBeWithYou

15.) My two snot nosed kids got me sick. Wishing, hoping, and praying that the baby doesn't catch it. #ItdBeMyLuck #GermXIsOurFriend

16.) Thanks to my mom and dad for loaning us an extra car, i'm cruisin' around in my old college car: "Cameron the Camry," and listening to a Carpenter's CD. #FeelsLikeTheGoodOleDays

17.) "Why do birds suddenly appear...every are near..." #NowPlaying

18.) Retail therapy: Old Navy. #HappyMothersDayToMe

19.) So thankful garbage pick up is in the morning since our three trash cans are overflowing with poop diapers and wine bottles. #TheUglyTruth

20.) Baby Jemma's latest update: Doc assessed head, looks good. waiting for temporary shunt to fail and then will decide on a date for a permanent one. next appointment is in two weeks in which they will perform a CT scan. #RightOnTrack #MeasuringHeadEveryDay