Thursday, May 12, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Absolutely adores when Abby calls baby Jemma, "Jem-Jem." #ANicknameThatMightStick

2.) Eating and yet I can't taste anything. #MySinusesAreShot

3.) Never fails when I finally go to press "upload" to the 30 pics I just individually tracked computer loses connection. #EveryTime

4.) RT @capricecrane: Some people could really use an emergency brake for their mouth.

5.) "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." ~Jewish Proverb

6.) People watching while at Ross Bridge: Watching homeslice walk around pool strutting his white sunglasses & necklace, holding same beer for hours. Really, dude? #WorseThanAWoman #PleaseSitDownAlready

7.) There is no greater feeling than having a much needed break on your special day to refresh & remind you of the best gifts of all time: Kids.

8.) Can't seem to get the images of shirtless #Thor out of my mind. #YummyYowzas #AlthoughDefinitelyNoJayDougHa!

9.) The end results of using our steam-vac on our filthy light carpet makes my heart super happy. #JuiceStainsBegone #NextHouse=AllHardwoods

10.) RT @capricecrane: Nobody has put up with more bullshit than your mother. Yes, YOUR mother. Spoil her today or think of her with love. xoxo

11.) Severe flashback of awesome family shows from my childhood: Just the Ten of Us, My Two Dads, Charles in Charge, Perfect Strangers, Small Wonder, Alf, Punky Brewster #GoldenMemories

12.) RT @capricecrane: Some days we're the angry birds being hurled at pigs. And some days we're the pigs being attacked by angry birds.

13.) Words of Wisdom for the Day: "With great eyeliner comes great face."

14.) If you can't be a good example, at least be a terrible warning. #SGP

15.) Is now singing, "This is the cold that never just goes on and on my friend..." #MakeItStop #MyFaceHurts #NeonGreenSnotFTW

16.) Hubs got shiny new car today & has already asked me 3 times if I wanted to go downstairs to look at it. #ExcitedMuch? #BoysAndTheirToys

17.) The bugs have attacked my 4 year old. The bites are so numerous and severe that it'd make chicken pox jealous. #SweetScratchyGirl

18.) My loving mother just called to tell me to take care of my "one of a kind" man because he is so good to her baby (me) and especially her little lolas (aka granddaughters)." #Awww #MommyKnowsBest

19.) it's nearly 2:00am as i type this. i finally got jem-jem back to sleep while daddy and abby are at Children's ER. reason being, earlier tonight while jumping on our neighbor's trampoline, abby fell and hurt her left arm. she said it hurt bad so we iced it down and gave her some tylenol for the pain. she fell asleep and then woke up screaming frantically to "take me to the doctor, it's broken!!" around 11:30pm. obviously, she was still in great pain and her situation was no joke. they arrived at the ER, x-rays were taken, and it turns out she has "nursemaid's elbow." this means her elbow was dislocated. the doctor fixed it with a quick maneuver, and jay said the you could hear it "click" into place. he said abby did better for that procedure than for the x-rays. after many stickers, a sucker, and "good girl" cheers, they are headed back to their way home. thankfully, abby's first ER trip was not a devastating one. she is now in good spirits and has full range of motion. did i mention it's nearly 2:00am? yeah...tomorrow's gonna suck.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

So glad Abby's arm is okay and it was nothing too serious!