Thursday, May 19, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Nothing like hearing your kids say, "Momma you look like a stylish princess" while in the changing room to seal the deal on the dress. #LovelyFlattery

2.) Looking through my eldest daughter's first yearbook and it hits me....Dude, I'm old. #WhenDidThisHappen?

3.) All I can think about is summer, and drinks, and pools, and drinking summery drinks with umbrellas in them by pools. #SGP

4.) Has officially taken our house back from the Plague of 2011. Every bedsheet to socks have been washed & everything else Lysol-ed in between. Begone sickness. You are not wanted here.

5.) Just saw the movie "Bridesmaids." Fan-freakin-tastic. I am still laughing as we walk to the car. #FunnyInSoManyWays

6.) I foresee a sleepless night in my future. #TooMuchToDo #LovingEverySecond

7.) RT @capricecrane: When you click that facebook link to see who's viewing your profile and then it spams all of your friends? You've confirmed you're an idiot.

8.) Confessions of a #SAHM: I absolutely love waiting at doctors & dentists appointments because it's at least an hour or two of me quiet time.

9.) Sweet baby Jemma had fun with her photo shoot today. Wore many different ridiculously cute hats & fell asleep in a tutu. #CantWaitToSeePics

10.) Really appreciates the fact that Hubs enjoys watching #RealHousewivesOfNewJersey with me. Because let's be honest, it's a fabulous train wreck. #MafiaFightingAtAChristening

11.) The Governator has a love child. #NoSurpriseThere #ItsNotATumor

12.) It's nearly 3:00pm and I am just now sitting down to eat. The girls have all been fed. Twice. I sit down...and of course they grab a spoon and start eating off my plate. #Arrrrgh #JoysOfMotherhood

13.) RT @DalaiLama: Love and compassion benefit both ourselves and others. Through kindness to others, your heart and mind will be peaceful and open.

14.) Just left clinic where Jem-Jem's neurosurgeon spoke to me in third person. It blew my mind. In other news, her CT scan looked good. #HipHipHooray

15.) Meanwhile at Abby's kindergarten graduation in church, Lyla points to Jesus on the cross & says, "Jesus is a pretty princess." #HisRobeIsKindaDressy #DefinitelyAComplimentComingFromAToddler

16.) Made homemade pizzas for din-din tonight & surprisingly, they tasted as pretty as the flowers shaped out of pepperonis. #CreativeHungryKids

17.) After 4 years of having a boat, we've finally decided on a name for it: "King Triton." If you don't get #TheLittleMermaid reference, you must see the Disney movie today. #OneManManyDaughters #AppropriateNo?

18.) Is in the zone. No one can extinguish the fire lit under meh arse now. Happy Housekeeping, call me. #BecauseItNeverLastsLong

19.) I have one gassy baby on my hands. Definitely her Daddy's daughter. #RootinTootinCowgirl

20.) My biggest battle of the day is simply getting out of bed without falling asleep again sixteen more times. #SGP