Thursday, June 30, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. -Pamela Vaull Starr

2.) Everything I know about current events, I learn on Twitter. #SGP

3.) Woke up with two bloodshot eyes & now I have two quarter size blisters on both feet. NOLA is kicking my arse. And I'm lovin' every second.

4.) At Pat O'Brien's Piano Bar and listening to them jam out to "Baby Got Back" followed by "Easy Like Sunday Morning" followed by "Dixieland." Fantastic. #NolaBitches

5.) Exhausted to the bone. #NeedVacaBecauseOfVaca

6.) Tried to take a nap & still couldn't fall asleep. Running on a collective two hours. Rockstar, I am. #NolaBitches

7.) Words cannot express how good it feels coming home to a super clean house & forgetting you left it that way. #HomeSweetHome

8.) Always seems to put off what I should be doing until the last minute because I think I work best under pressure. #WTFisWrongWithMe

9.) Sweet baby JemJem has found her right hand & she likes to munch on it All.Day.Long. #LoveMySweetLilButtercup

10.) While driving, a big spider falls down from my ceiling, scaring the #^€*¥ out of me. I am now driving with one hand on the wheel, and the other holding a shoe. #NotEvenKidding

11.) Packing for two people (which do not include a single kid) is night and day from packing for a family vacation. Only one bag? Really? Yes, ma'am! #NightAndDay

12.) Thanks to Tita Karmie, I'm have started my "homework:" #PrettyLittleLiars Season 1 on DVD. One word: Addicted. One adjective that precedes said word: Insanely. We've stayed up watching till 3:00am every single night. #WhoNeedsSleep!?

13.) Feels like poop & sounds like an 80 y/o male smoker thanks to strep throat & severe tonsillitis. Augh. #JustCutOutMyThroatAlready

14.) Really wants to blog, but this sweet baby won't let me put her down. And I'm okay with that because I love these little moments that won't last forever. #CuddlingOnARainyDay

15.) #TheBachelorette is such a trainwreck. I seriously don't know why I continue to watch. Ashley cries more than hormonal 15 y/o. What's next?

16.) Neighbor is burning firewood outside & it smells like Fall. Not that I ever want to rush time, but is it football season yet!? #WarDamnEagle

17.) Strep throat has sucked all the life out of me this week. The upside? At least now I can swallow. #ThatsWhatSheSaid

18.) Went to the library today to listen to my big sis give a presentation about her experience in #PeaceCorps Western Samoa. Still so proud.

19.) My heart melts every time my girls tell me, "Mommy, I love you infinity." Well, I love them infinity x infinity. #TheyMustWantSomething

20.) News reports that a dead body was found at the bottom of a Massachusetts public pool. It had been there for 2 days & no one knew... #WTF

21.) Loathes when I forget to bring my baby stroller when I have to walk around & navigate for miles all while carrying 5 bags & other stuff. #ForgetfulMom

22.) My nearly 5 year old just announced that she was the boss of this house. Clearly, I missed that memo. #SerenityNow

22.) Is proud to announce that my newest nephew, baby Grant, has arrived today on July 1st. Weighing in at 9 lbs 9 oz and 20 3/4 inches long. Mommy (Karla) & baby are doing great! #BigOleButterball #ThankGodForCsection

23.) (Knock on wood) Lyla is about 98% POTTY-TRAINED!!!! #HipHipHooray

24.) Upcoming events: 4th of July weekend at the lake and Mommapalooza at the's on like Donkey Kong!!! #AreWeThereYet?

25.) Sweet baby Jem-Jem is eating rice cereal now. I've got the cutest video and pics of the yummy messy madness...will have to upload soon. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wordless wednesday

Monday, June 27, 2011

big sister lyla

if sweet baby jem-jem's binkie ever falls out of her mouth, you bet your bottom dollar that big sister lyla is always immediately on the scene to help her put it back. and if it doesn't get any cuter, she always seals the deal with a kiss to her forehead. you're such a great big sister, lyla. thank you for that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 years ago today...

i married my college sweetheart. i knew it was love when he challenged me to stair races in his apartment & let me win. you're pretty swell, jaydoug. love you & happy anniversary!! xoxo

NOLA weekend getaway (continued)

saturday morning, we all had the golden opportunity of is vacation after all. except i woke up at 7:00am and couldn't fall back asleep. why is that!? it never fails. my body is still on "newborn mode" with all of this choppy lack of sleep going on. or maybe i was just anxiously excited about eating some yummy beignets from cafe de monde for breakfast. i'm sure it was the latter. so we meet up with heather and matt in the lobby and walk on over to the french quarter...after coffee and beignets, we walked around soaking up all the beautiful colors of new orleans and then decided to take a 30 minute tour by horse and carriage. it was a beautiful day for it and we really enjoyed learning a lot about the historical city. here are some pics...soon it was time for lunch where matt chose the location of the home of the original muffuletta. this place had an great feel to was a deli that was located inside a grocery store. to be honest, i usually don't like muffulettas because i don't like olives, but OMG, these were AMAZING. the bread, the olive oil, the pastrami and cheese, to the other secret was scrumptious. here are some pics...after lunch, we walked around some more in search of souvenirs for the kids. we found some super cute masks that we knew they would appreciate since they love to play dress up. one is a black cat, a peacock, and a tiger. then, we all walked over to harrah's casino where the guys played blackjack while heather and i played on the quarter slots. in the picture below, matt is showing us the money in his wallet because he wanted to express "before" and "after" pics. he jokingly thought, he'd have none left by the end of the day, but luckily, both guys left the casino as winners. yay! here are some pics...after the casino, we walked back up to our hotel room where we took a quick little cat nap, showered, and then got ready for dinner at k-paul's louisiana kitchen around 7:00pm. once again, dinner was delicious. i'm very thankful that we were never disappointed with a single meal throughout our weekend. we stayed true to NOLA cuisine and it was perfect. after dinner, we walked to bourbon street again and ended up at pat o's paino bar. it was nice and air conditioned as we sat down, ordered hurricanes and strawberry daiquiris, and listened to the dueling pianos play and sing songs per the crowds' request. songs i never that imaginable were being played on the pianos and it was a lot of fun to watch and sing a long. here are some pics...overall, it was an awesome, much-needed weekend getaway that jay and i enjoyed not only with each other, but with good friends. i really needed that. happy 6th wedding anniversary, jay. i love you with all my heart and thank you for always spoiling me rotten even though i never expect it. also, thank you to lola, mamaw, and pawpaw for watching the girls for us over the weekend. it means more than you guys will ever know to have a much-needed break like that. we love you guys immensely! XOXO

Friday, June 24, 2011

NOLA weekend getaway

where, oh where, oh where do i even begin? let's see...a few months ago, jay gets a call from matt saying that we need to plan a couples trip together. when it comes to quick little weekend getaways, we rarely (if ever) say no. matt chose the weekend and luckily, it was the same as our 6th wedding anniversary. awesome. they chose new orleans and words cannot express how excited we all were to finally be going. jay and i knew this would be our very first weekend away from sweet baby jemma (at nearly 4 months old) which also meant it was the first time for me to cut loose (without having to wake up the next morning to take care of kids) in well over a year...i was soooo ready. everybody was. throughout the whole trip, everyone was on the same page...laid back, ready for fun, and scheduled everything around the "must eat" meals. again, it was hilariously awesome.

so we all rode together and stayed at the marriott on canal street. once we checked in, threw our bags in our rooms, we met back down in the lobby, and walked on over to bourbon street. our first stop was to pat o'brien for their famous hurricanes. we sat on the outside patio, chatting it up and enjoying the wind in our hair. after about half of my glass, i could already tell i was feeling "good." proof that i am sooo rusty, yet the hurricanes were sooo strong. and yummy. here are some pics...after enjoying our drinks at pat o's, we decided to start walking around and venturing into different other bars. while mingling around, we found out that it was also gay pride weekend and we ran into the best, most fun "family" ever. one gal gave me her super cute rainbow peace sign beads and i didn't even have to "earn" them. another guy talked our ears off and was absolutely hilarious. they wanted to take pictures with us and said that we were "cool straight people" and told us which bars we needed to visit if we wanted to hang out with their fun "family." here's a picture of jay and matt and their newly budding bromance. LOL...we continued walking and headed into the direction of frenchmen street where the locals hang out. we stopped inside a cute little hipster bar called d.b.a. where their band played jazz music. it was awesome as well as the atmosphere. after enjoying a couple of drinks there and listening to some music, we decided it was time to put some substance in our bellies and eat dinner. we chose to eat at port of call which is famous for their deliciously huge hamburgers and yummy monsoons. they are a new orleans landmark and a must have. dinner was absolutely delicious.after dinner, we met up with shannon and steve at a reggae bar called cafe negril. we partied at this same bar during our last girls trip to NOLA and knew it would be fun. we caught up with each other and drank round after round of drinks all while listening to the music and dancing a little jiggy in our seats. here are some it had been a looong day and we probably should have ended it there, but since this was a rare kidless weekend getaway, we made the most of our time and adventures. after the reggae bar, we walked back over to the french quarter where we partook in some hand grenades. supposedly the hand grenades have the highest alcohol level. it was just what we needed to give us that extra push through the fun-filled night. here are some pics...that said, i blame those damn hand grenades for what was about to happen next...we ended up inside the cat's meow where heather and i karaoked to "sweet home alabama" around 3:00am. yeah. OUCH. the guys said we did a stellar job, but we do realize how much they love us and care about our egos. hehe. we danced and sang to some great songs that were being played throughout the night. the entertainment alone was fantastic. here are some pics...then, while on our way back to our hotel some time after 3:30am, we stopped at krystals were the guys ordered $25-$30 worth of food, each. it was hilarious. at that point on, we had made plans to meet for breakfast around 10:30 the next morning because we knew oversleeping was in our agenda. night one in NOLA: exhaustion and success! i firmly believe the last picture of heather says it all...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

bowling for father's day

for father's day, we planned on a night of bowling later in the week considering my dad works on sundays. my side of the family got together and met up at trussville's "lightning strikes" bowling alley near their house. they always seem to have great specials that we couldn't resist. my mom and dad have been addicted for quite some time now ever since my dad joined a league with his coworkers. in fact, both my mom and dad have their own balls and shoes. awesome, right? we think so.

also, tita karmie gave me some "homework" in which i must watch pretty little liars season 1 on dvd because she says this show is so awesome. sounds like fun homework to me so jay and i are planning to watch it after the kids have fallen asleep at night. can't wait to get started. here are some bowling's a picture of me with my mad skillz. i told jay to get the camera ready for my "strike" that laid ahead. he was on it like white on rice and sure enough, this momma made a strike. pins went flying as my fire-flamed ball of glory knocked'em down. love that sound. loves me some bowling...all in all, it was great night spent with family partaking in a hobby that we all love and more importantly, in honor of a man we cherish. happy father's day, dad. we love you more than anything. here are some family pics...

thursday's thoughts

1.) You know you have a severe FB addiction when you take a picture of your kid & then she says, "Don't put that on Facebook." #Who?Me? #LoveMyAbby

2.) Loves holding and cuddling my sleeping baby as I listen to the sound of thunder rolling through as it rains hard on my window panes. Definitely nap inducing. #LovingThisRainyDay #LoveMyJemJem

3.) The look on my middle child's face when she squints her eyes and performs the biggest fake cry I have ever seen is actually heartwarming. #LoveMyLyla

4.) Hubs enjoyed lake yesterday & now 36 holes on golf course. Texted him that we can eat dinner out just for him, my treat. Ha! #HappyFathersDay

5.) Forgot to wear my wedding ring out to dinner. Hubs said it was okay...that I can be his mistress for the night. #Score #AsLongAsDinnerIsFree

6.) A friend told me that since my new camera can't fit in my purse, it simply means I need a new bigger purse. #IHaveSmartFriends

7.) Note to self: Repeating "spit up is the new black" makes me feel a little better for always wearing it. #FoulSmellingFashionista

8.) Nan gave us a crate full of booze & bags full of wrapping paper...something's telling me I should host a drunken wrapping party. #ImagineThat

9.) My Lyla just came out of the bathroom with a towel over her head, brushing her hair with a toothbrush, & announced, "I just took a shower." #PerfectRolePlaying

10.) Es muy hambre. Spanish to English translation: I am very hungry. In fact, I can hear my fat eating my fat. #FeedMeSeymour

11.) It's witching hour and Daddy's at jiu jitsu. All three girls screaming their heads off. Yay me! #SuckItMonday #SerenityNow

12.) I was once told pre-motherhood to "nap when the baby naps." This has got to be the best advice ever. #DontHaveToTellMeTwice

13.) Tonight, Zumba. Tomorrow, Flash mob. #AGirlCanDream #BringIt

14.) Q: Wanna know why I love country music? A: Because Daddies sure do love to sing about their little girls. #SheThinksWe'reJustFishing #SugarySweetness

15.) While picking up Abby at school, I could tell she had been crying. Teacher told me she was upset that she didn't win in "Freeze Dance." She did great, but came in 2nd. #ProofOfOurCompetitiveGenes

16.) Guilty Pleasure #429: Sometimes I like to eat a #Zaxbys salad in my car because it's quiet alone time with music I want to listen to & not a #Disney dvd.

17.) So many good upbeat dance songs on the radio lately. Gives me the sudden urge to go clubbin. Just can't forget my glow sticks. #NOLABoundBitches!!

18.) My one-on-one time with sweet baby Jem-Jem this summer really makes me happy. Especially knowing that she is being given the same opportunity with me as her big sisters did. #TheyreOnlyBabiesForSoLong...

19.) Zumba Round IV. We may have lost the last battle, but we're still fighting the war.

20.) And so it begins...gathering up Jay's plastic bags of sweaty clothes from spin class (during his lunch break) and jiu jitsu at night. #Rrrrrrralph #LovelyLaundry

21.) Feels so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by awesome family and friends who always seem to help with a favor, big or small. Ya'll have no idea how much it REALLY helps me out. Love you guys bunches and bunches and bunches. and then some.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wordless wednesday: golf tan much?

and to be quite honest, this picture doesn't even do it justice. freakin' hilarious.

out with the old, in with the new...

for a long time coming, i've been wanting to purchase a new comforter and sheets for our master bedroom. reason being is because we've used the same one for over 6 years since we first moved into our house. the comforter was so old and raggedy that the inside fluff was curling up into one was like the top part started becoming a sheet while everything else was jumbled up in the bottom. also, you can forget about a "made up bed" looking looked like someone was hiding clothes underneath it because of the eye sore that was a bulge.

anywhoo, jay gives me the green light so i found the cutest comforter ever. i've been to some friends' homes where they chose to use a white bedspread. i fell in love with it. it just looks so clean, natural, and classy. admittedly, i thought "how do they keep it white knowing they have a house full of kids? there is no way i would be able to do that..." well, it's been two weeks now and (knock on wood), there's not been a drop or smidgen of anything in sight. the girls no longer flock to our room any more ever since baby jemma was born and likes to sleep in her swing or bassinet so i thought now was the best time if there ever were one...

not to mention, i feel like i'm sleeping on one huge marshmallow. we've had the best night's sleep these last couple of days and i've never been so excited to make it up every morning. lastly, while playing around i took some pics of the baby in her "jabbin' jemma" onesie that maloney (stickyfingerz boutique) made for her. she just looks soooo stinkin' cute. love my blue-eyed baby...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

helping hands

surprisingly, abby and lyla love to help me with laundry. i try to work this to my advantage, but some times it has a tendency to backfire. for example, they love to take out and attempt to refold their shorts and pants that are located inside their drawers in their room. at one point, i thought about trying to find some sort of child-proof lock to keep them out thus maintaining their clothes nicely organized and folded.

however, after many yells and pleas of "do not touch," i knew it was a losing battle. now i just let them think they are helping me as they make a somewhat neat arrangement on their beds and then shortly after, place them back in their drawers. if anything, it buys me time to worry about folding my own clothes so i guess it evidently "all comes out in the wash" anyway. thanks for your helping hands, girls! here are some pics...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day 2011

this year for father's day, the girls made jay their own special little cards and crafts. lyla painted her footprints beside a poem that he instantly fell in love with. it is so super sweet and reminded me of how great it is to have a "daddy's girl"...or two...or three. it has been laminated and will forever be treasured in a safe place. abby also made a card where she colored and filled in the blank to certain sentences. not sure if you can read it, but here are some of the answers she gave:

1.) i love when we go to... school. (jay takes them to school each morning while on his way to work. it is their special time together. speaking for myself, i still remember and cherish the days that my own dad dropped us off at school each morning. i'll always have a soft spot for oldies because that's all we listened to in his car.)

2.) my favorite memory with you is when we... went bowling. (her writing here is a bit confusing, but when asked what she meant, that's exactly what she said. so sweet. jay's face lit up when he told her that.)

3.) you are really good at... blowing candles out. (i like to keep a candle burning to make the house smell fresh and clean. apparently, jay is the one who blows them out the best.)

4.) i love it when you... turn on cartoons. (well this one just speaks for itself.)

although not the hard copy, here are some pictures of their super cute crafts. both absolutely adorable...

furthermore, happy father's day to the man who is so devoted to his little girls that he knows more about each disney princess than walt himself. thank you & we love you more than you will ever know!! XOXOafter the girls woke up and showered jay with kisses and screams of "happy father's day!," jay then left to enjoy his special day with his own father, brother-in-law, and friend for their annual father's day golf outing. they had a tee time scheduled at 8:45am at farmlinks in sylacauga and played 36 holes for nearly 10 hours (with a lunch break in between). everyone said that the greens were beautiful and really enjoyed their time together. here are some pics of jay, john, and papa john, as well as matt in the picture below them. check out that beautiful scenery...all in all, i'm so glad that God has blessed my girls with a highly involved and loving daddy. i seriously couldn't ask for a better man to help take care of us. moreover, i'd like to thank my own dad for always being involved in my life as well, and i can't wait to go bowling with him when we celebrate later this week. he raised three beautiful daughters and i know jay is doing the same fabulous job. we love you both, happy father's day!! xoxo