Thursday, June 23, 2011

bowling for father's day

for father's day, we planned on a night of bowling later in the week considering my dad works on sundays. my side of the family got together and met up at trussville's "lightning strikes" bowling alley near their house. they always seem to have great specials that we couldn't resist. my mom and dad have been addicted for quite some time now ever since my dad joined a league with his coworkers. in fact, both my mom and dad have their own balls and shoes. awesome, right? we think so.

also, tita karmie gave me some "homework" in which i must watch pretty little liars season 1 on dvd because she says this show is so awesome. sounds like fun homework to me so jay and i are planning to watch it after the kids have fallen asleep at night. can't wait to get started. here are some bowling's a picture of me with my mad skillz. i told jay to get the camera ready for my "strike" that laid ahead. he was on it like white on rice and sure enough, this momma made a strike. pins went flying as my fire-flamed ball of glory knocked'em down. love that sound. loves me some bowling...all in all, it was great night spent with family partaking in a hobby that we all love and more importantly, in honor of a man we cherish. happy father's day, dad. we love you more than anything. here are some family pics...