Friday, June 10, 2011

bowling with the parentals

we've been planning to go bowling with my parents for some time now, but have been so busy with the kids and our schedules that things always seemed to conflict. that was until my mom suggest we go saturday night after my dad got off work. earlier that day, jay drove up to the lake to drive around the boat and grill out for karla and some of her fellow nurses that she works with...he's awesome like that. and yeah, he got paid to entertain although he really didn't mind doing it. i had plans to go to my first ever zumba class with my mom. i brought the girls with me and called ahead for reservations in the YMCA nursery. we zumba-ed for an hour and all i can say is that i am hooked. seriously. it was sooo much fun and i was sweating like i haven't in years. believe me, i can run for a solid 45 minutes on the elliptical and not get nearly as great as a workout as i did trying to jump around to upbeat music. it was way up my alley and i will be back.

after zumba, we ate lunch, went shopping, and then back to my mom and dad's house where i took a shower and got ready for bowling. jay met us at the bowling alley where he helped me get my shnazzy new fire-flamed bowling ball fitted and drilled just for me. took a look at her...isn't she simply beautiful...she's even sexier rolling down the lane in a blaze of glory. so where was i? so we're bowling at my mom and dad's closest bowling alley in trussville called "lightning strikes." we purchased the saturday blitz package (i think that's what it was called) where we all get shoe rentals, a large pizza, drinks, and all we can bowl for two hours for $68. it's a really good deal. so mom and dad are on one lane while we are on the one beside them. abby starts bowling first and she was sooo excited when she knocked down three pins that she ran back screaming to us her sweet victory. and why yes, of course the bumpers were up. we're no fools. here are some pics...lyla was next and she was as sweet as sweet could be. she'd squat down and just drop it (some times nearly on her own toe-toes). daddy went with her every time to make sure she didn't cross the foul line and end up down the slippery lane. he was also there to help give her ball a little push or else we would have been there all night. it was hilarious. sweet baby jemma slept the whole time in her pumpkin seat (oh, how i love this age) and soon jay and i were competing against each other in a healthy trash-talking bowling match. here are some pics...during one game, i was whooping jay's arse and it felt fabulous. don't get me wrong, he was playing like crap...not like i was playing super awesome...but a win is a win and it means a lot to me to beat that man who's highest score to date is a 257. for those that don't know, a perfect score in bowling is 300. anywho, so i was doing pretty well and being obnoxious every time i got a strike or spare. abby and lyla always seemed to run to me to congratulate me and soon abby was mimicking my every move. god, i love that kid...lola was also on fire and scored her highest to date with a 143. she was also rubbing it in and celebrating with i know where i get my fierce competition from. again, it was hysterical. all in all, we had an awesome time. everyone was high-fiving and giving each other taters (fist bumps) and at one point, jay and chest-bumped each other. oh yes we did.lastly, this outing just confirms how happy i am that abby wants to have her 5th birthday party to be at the bowling alley with her friends. not sure how it's going to pan out, but watching my kids have that much fun with awkward throws into the other lane will be far more entertainment than i ever imagined...because that's how we bowl, word.