Friday, June 17, 2011

farewell, karen!

friday night, we met up for dinner and drinks at pablo's cantina in celebration of karen leaving for peace corps philippines on july 1st. the festivities started at 8:00pm where we chatted and laughed for hours over margaritas and a skrimp quesadilla. later, the waiter came out with a sombrero and a shot for the special girl as we cheered for her and her upcoming adventure. cheers to you, karen!also, the johnson girls (karmie, me, and karla) took a quick pic with our favorite smaha girls (anne, lisa, and karen). we go way back since high school and think they pretty much rock. also, don't we all look like sisters? it's simply because filipinas and lebanese women are sexy. dead sexy. overall and admittedly, i am so jealous that karen gets to go to the philippines before i do...say hello to my cousins for me! xoxo