Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day 2011

this year for father's day, the girls made jay their own special little cards and crafts. lyla painted her footprints beside a poem that he instantly fell in love with. it is so super sweet and reminded me of how great it is to have a "daddy's girl"...or two...or three. it has been laminated and will forever be treasured in a safe place. abby also made a card where she colored and filled in the blank to certain sentences. not sure if you can read it, but here are some of the answers she gave:

1.) i love when we go to... school. (jay takes them to school each morning while on his way to work. it is their special time together. speaking for myself, i still remember and cherish the days that my own dad dropped us off at school each morning. i'll always have a soft spot for oldies because that's all we listened to in his car.)

2.) my favorite memory with you is when we... went bowling. (her writing here is a bit confusing, but when asked what she meant, that's exactly what she said. so sweet. jay's face lit up when he told her that.)

3.) you are really good at... blowing candles out. (i like to keep a candle burning to make the house smell fresh and clean. apparently, jay is the one who blows them out the best.)

4.) i love it when you... turn on cartoons. (well this one just speaks for itself.)

although not the hard copy, here are some pictures of their super cute crafts. both absolutely adorable...

furthermore, happy father's day to the man who is so devoted to his little girls that he knows more about each disney princess than walt himself. thank you & we love you more than you will ever know!! XOXOafter the girls woke up and showered jay with kisses and screams of "happy father's day!," jay then left to enjoy his special day with his own father, brother-in-law, and friend for their annual father's day golf outing. they had a tee time scheduled at 8:45am at farmlinks in sylacauga and played 36 holes for nearly 10 hours (with a lunch break in between). everyone said that the greens were beautiful and really enjoyed their time together. here are some pics of jay, john, and papa john, as well as matt in the picture below them. check out that beautiful scenery...all in all, i'm so glad that God has blessed my girls with a highly involved and loving daddy. i seriously couldn't ask for a better man to help take care of us. moreover, i'd like to thank my own dad for always being involved in my life as well, and i can't wait to go bowling with him when we celebrate later this week. he raised three beautiful daughters and i know jay is doing the same fabulous job. we love you both, happy father's day!! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Aw....I love the father's day gifts!!!! Too sweet!