Sunday, June 5, 2011

good friends and good eats

sunday night, we met up with friends (jessi, troy, slammy, jeremy, karla, and tre) for a dinner at Flip Burger since jessi and troy were in town for the weekend. we missed talley and blake since although they were at the beach, they were there in spirit. so the girls sit at one end of the table, catching up and gossiping about the AOII world while the guys sit on the other end talking finances. funny, right? we thought so.

so this was my second time to eat at Flip Burger which is owned by Top Chef All Stars winner richard blais. he's one of atlanta's most famous chefs. also, since i've been craving shrimp lately (i have no idea why), i decided to order the blackened shrimp was yummy! then with hardly no persuasion at all, karla maria and i shared the krispy kreme milkshake. it's a vanilla ice cream base with a pureed glazed krispy kreme donut in it and it was sooo delicious. i swear i am hitting up the gym tomorrow. i swear.

all in all, it was an awesome dinner out with good friends. while walking to our cars, we stopped to talk with mama and papa K since they were dropping off slammy's babies (aka her sweet doggies). here are some pics...