Tuesday, June 21, 2011

helping hands

surprisingly, abby and lyla love to help me with laundry. i try to work this to my advantage, but some times it has a tendency to backfire. for example, they love to take out and attempt to refold their shorts and pants that are located inside their drawers in their room. at one point, i thought about trying to find some sort of child-proof lock to keep them out thus maintaining their clothes nicely organized and folded.

however, after many yells and pleas of "do not touch," i knew it was a losing battle. now i just let them think they are helping me as they make a somewhat neat arrangement on their beds and then shortly after, place them back in their drawers. if anything, it buys me time to worry about folding my own clothes so i guess it evidently "all comes out in the wash" anyway. thanks for your helping hands, girls! here are some pics...