Thursday, June 9, 2011

moms gone wild

thursday night, i met up with the girls for a much needed moms night out. we met at pablo's cantina and grill for dinner and drinks at 7:00pm. we had reservations and sat outside on the patio enjoying live music under the trees all while sipping on our drink of choice. laura and i shared a pitcher of frozen margaritas with one goal in mind: to drink it fast enough before it melted. admittedly, we did a pretty good job. becca and stacy shared a pitcher of mango margarita as well. both dinner and drinks were awesome. here are some pics...we chatted the night away until both dinner and drinks were gone. after paying for our tabs, stacy asked our waiter if he would take a group picture for us. he said, "in just one minute" as he ran away. i was slightly annoyed until he sprinted back with a handful of fun fancy sombreros. game on. it was awesome. i love anybody who knows how much i love and appreciate a goofy fun moment caught in a photograph. so we ham it up, of is a moms night out after all, and well, it's been awhile. here are some pics...the night was winding down, but that didn't mean that we had to. no, ma'am. when we get a hall pass for the night, we plan to use it as best as we can. that said, everyone decided to drive across the street to starz for some ridiculously fun and embarrassing karaoke. as soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted by rob (owner)...i absolutely love his family, especially his wifey (wink, wink if you are reading this). we were so excited to start scanning through the books and chose more songs that i ever thought imaginable. we also started a tab in order to give us that one last push of liquid courage before we went up on stage and sang horribly in a room full of strangers. it was so much fun. so much fun. here are some pics...i swear it's been a long time since i have laughed that hard, sang that hard, and tried to give a little wiggle and jiggle by dancing and choreographing to each song. here is a sample of the songs we chose to butcher. err i mean, sing beautifully...

britney spears' "toxic"
dolly parton's "nine to five"
wilson phillip's "hold on"
madonna's "like a virgin"
marc cohn's "walking in memphis"
no doubt's "just a girl"
train's "meet virginia"
the black crowes "she talks to angels"
beck's "loser"

and a few others that i have failed to remember...probably for the best. on another note, we never drank enough courage to attempt whitney houston or mariah carey. they can thank us later. ahhhh, that was sooo much fun. already ready to go again!