Saturday, June 25, 2011

NOLA weekend getaway (continued)

saturday morning, we all had the golden opportunity of is vacation after all. except i woke up at 7:00am and couldn't fall back asleep. why is that!? it never fails. my body is still on "newborn mode" with all of this choppy lack of sleep going on. or maybe i was just anxiously excited about eating some yummy beignets from cafe de monde for breakfast. i'm sure it was the latter. so we meet up with heather and matt in the lobby and walk on over to the french quarter...after coffee and beignets, we walked around soaking up all the beautiful colors of new orleans and then decided to take a 30 minute tour by horse and carriage. it was a beautiful day for it and we really enjoyed learning a lot about the historical city. here are some pics...soon it was time for lunch where matt chose the location of the home of the original muffuletta. this place had an great feel to was a deli that was located inside a grocery store. to be honest, i usually don't like muffulettas because i don't like olives, but OMG, these were AMAZING. the bread, the olive oil, the pastrami and cheese, to the other secret was scrumptious. here are some pics...after lunch, we walked around some more in search of souvenirs for the kids. we found some super cute masks that we knew they would appreciate since they love to play dress up. one is a black cat, a peacock, and a tiger. then, we all walked over to harrah's casino where the guys played blackjack while heather and i played on the quarter slots. in the picture below, matt is showing us the money in his wallet because he wanted to express "before" and "after" pics. he jokingly thought, he'd have none left by the end of the day, but luckily, both guys left the casino as winners. yay! here are some pics...after the casino, we walked back up to our hotel room where we took a quick little cat nap, showered, and then got ready for dinner at k-paul's louisiana kitchen around 7:00pm. once again, dinner was delicious. i'm very thankful that we were never disappointed with a single meal throughout our weekend. we stayed true to NOLA cuisine and it was perfect. after dinner, we walked to bourbon street again and ended up at pat o's paino bar. it was nice and air conditioned as we sat down, ordered hurricanes and strawberry daiquiris, and listened to the dueling pianos play and sing songs per the crowds' request. songs i never that imaginable were being played on the pianos and it was a lot of fun to watch and sing a long. here are some pics...overall, it was an awesome, much-needed weekend getaway that jay and i enjoyed not only with each other, but with good friends. i really needed that. happy 6th wedding anniversary, jay. i love you with all my heart and thank you for always spoiling me rotten even though i never expect it. also, thank you to lola, mamaw, and pawpaw for watching the girls for us over the weekend. it means more than you guys will ever know to have a much-needed break like that. we love you guys immensely! XOXO