Friday, June 24, 2011

NOLA weekend getaway

where, oh where, oh where do i even begin? let's see...a few months ago, jay gets a call from matt saying that we need to plan a couples trip together. when it comes to quick little weekend getaways, we rarely (if ever) say no. matt chose the weekend and luckily, it was the same as our 6th wedding anniversary. awesome. they chose new orleans and words cannot express how excited we all were to finally be going. jay and i knew this would be our very first weekend away from sweet baby jemma (at nearly 4 months old) which also meant it was the first time for me to cut loose (without having to wake up the next morning to take care of kids) in well over a year...i was soooo ready. everybody was. throughout the whole trip, everyone was on the same page...laid back, ready for fun, and scheduled everything around the "must eat" meals. again, it was hilariously awesome.

so we all rode together and stayed at the marriott on canal street. once we checked in, threw our bags in our rooms, we met back down in the lobby, and walked on over to bourbon street. our first stop was to pat o'brien for their famous hurricanes. we sat on the outside patio, chatting it up and enjoying the wind in our hair. after about half of my glass, i could already tell i was feeling "good." proof that i am sooo rusty, yet the hurricanes were sooo strong. and yummy. here are some pics...after enjoying our drinks at pat o's, we decided to start walking around and venturing into different other bars. while mingling around, we found out that it was also gay pride weekend and we ran into the best, most fun "family" ever. one gal gave me her super cute rainbow peace sign beads and i didn't even have to "earn" them. another guy talked our ears off and was absolutely hilarious. they wanted to take pictures with us and said that we were "cool straight people" and told us which bars we needed to visit if we wanted to hang out with their fun "family." here's a picture of jay and matt and their newly budding bromance. LOL...we continued walking and headed into the direction of frenchmen street where the locals hang out. we stopped inside a cute little hipster bar called d.b.a. where their band played jazz music. it was awesome as well as the atmosphere. after enjoying a couple of drinks there and listening to some music, we decided it was time to put some substance in our bellies and eat dinner. we chose to eat at port of call which is famous for their deliciously huge hamburgers and yummy monsoons. they are a new orleans landmark and a must have. dinner was absolutely delicious.after dinner, we met up with shannon and steve at a reggae bar called cafe negril. we partied at this same bar during our last girls trip to NOLA and knew it would be fun. we caught up with each other and drank round after round of drinks all while listening to the music and dancing a little jiggy in our seats. here are some it had been a looong day and we probably should have ended it there, but since this was a rare kidless weekend getaway, we made the most of our time and adventures. after the reggae bar, we walked back over to the french quarter where we partook in some hand grenades. supposedly the hand grenades have the highest alcohol level. it was just what we needed to give us that extra push through the fun-filled night. here are some pics...that said, i blame those damn hand grenades for what was about to happen next...we ended up inside the cat's meow where heather and i karaoked to "sweet home alabama" around 3:00am. yeah. OUCH. the guys said we did a stellar job, but we do realize how much they love us and care about our egos. hehe. we danced and sang to some great songs that were being played throughout the night. the entertainment alone was fantastic. here are some pics...then, while on our way back to our hotel some time after 3:30am, we stopped at krystals were the guys ordered $25-$30 worth of food, each. it was hilarious. at that point on, we had made plans to meet for breakfast around 10:30 the next morning because we knew oversleeping was in our agenda. night one in NOLA: exhaustion and success! i firmly believe the last picture of heather says it all...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!