Saturday, June 11, 2011

spontaneous much?

sunday morning, we all woke up with no plans. while eating breakfast, jay told me to get the girls ready and we'll go see kung fu panda 2 at the movie theater around 2:30pm. we love family dates to the movies because for the most part, the girls seem to do well and really like it. so we get the girls ready and out the door we go. jay tells me he has a surprise and to start driving towards homewood. i'm trying to scan my brain for what on earth could be a surprise in homewood...dreamcake cupcakes, perhaps? nope.

instead, he took me to wolf camera where we walked inside and he picked me out a new camera. it's a really really nice one, and i'm not gonna lie when i say i'm a bit intimidated by it. that said, i can't wait to take the free saturday classes to learn about all of it's capabilities. it even takes awesome videos, one thing that i feel guilty about for not taking enough of. also, jay told the saleslady that i'm nicknamed "mamarazzi" and that my point and shoot is on it's death bed so it was time for a really good digital one. i was beyond excited and happy. i knew i'd be getting a new camera, but not this soon. yippee!!

after we purchased my surprise, we drove over to the summit for lunch at chuy's since abby wanted to eat mexican. during lunch, i couldn't help but play with my new toy. i wish i could make these pictures bigger so you can tell how much better the quality of them are as opposed to my other ones...i guess i'll have to learn how to do that next on blogger. anywho, lunch was yummy and fun. here are some pics of me just playing around with it...after lunch, we walked outside on the patio that overlooks the city. jay took a picture of me with the girls and then next thing i knew, a lovely lady asked if we would like for her to take a picture of all of us. i absolutely love when people ask us that because of course our answer is always, "yes, please!" here are some pics...from there we headed over to the movie theater to see kung fu panda 2 which started at 4:00pm (see jay had to lie to me and tell me that it started at 2:30pm just so he could get me out the door on time. clever little man.)abby and lyla enjoyed the movie as did we, and sweet baby jem-jem slept the whole time while i held her in my arms. confession (also spoiler alert!!): i cried at one part in the movie when the momma panda bear hid her baby and went back waving her arms for the wolves to find her, thus taking her life. i mean seriously people...what is up with these cartoon movies pulling at a mother's heart strings all.the.damn.time!? i can't take it anymore. i definitely wasn't prepared for that. oh well. overall, a great movie and a great day. man, i love our weekends.