Thursday, June 2, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Hubs caught a big catfish & while PawPaw was skinning it, Abby watched. She said he "cut off it's head while it's eyes were still open." There goes another dollar in the therapy jar...

2.) Ultimate Relaxation: A hot shower and a bottle of Moscato wine after the kiddos are asleep while at the lakehouse. #ThisIsMyHappyPlace

3.) Is burnt like whoa! #HappyMemorialWeekend

4.) Can't wait for this baby to sleep through the night. These every four hour feeds are for the birds. #MommyNeedsSleep

5.) Jay's facebook status: "Six days at the lake. One pair of swim trunks. Challenge accepted."

6.) My brain says no, but my stomach says go. #SGP

7.) Fact: I could not sleep in a room without a ceiling fan. #MovingAirIsAMust

8.) Quote of the Day spoken by JayDoug: "I'm gonna go get my meat off." (In reference to taking the pork tenderloin off the grill) #ThatsWhatHeSaid #HappyMemorialWeekend

9.) Home from the lake after 6 days and I have never had such a strong urge to start a load of laundry. #DirtyFamilyOfFive

10.) What is the point of it being six thousand degrees if I'm not sitting in the ocean breeze with a margarita between my knees? #SGP #DudeItsHot

11.) Really enjoyed our long lazy days at the lake, but I gotta admit, I'm excited to be reunited with a bottle of aloe, chapstick, less bugs, my own bed & most importantly, our routine back.

12.) While eating dinner out, Lyla loudly announces "i pooted." Being the big sis w/ correct standard terms, Abby yells back "you mean farted!" #AyYiYi #HopeNoOneHeardThat

13.) The #Dreamcakes van just passed me. And yes, they are right: "Cupcakes DO make people happy." #ISmellAPitStop

14.) The transition of Lyla into her big girl bed and new room with Big Sis Abby surprisingly went better than I ever expected. And for that, I am oh-so very grateful. #SistersSharingARoomIsFun

15.) Hubs' new car sets off an alarm and notifies me if I'm's like having him and my mother in the car with me at all times. #JustWhatINeed

16.) I am so behind on catching up with my reality shows that i have DVR'ed that it should be considered a sin. #NoExcuse #RealHousewivesMissMe

17.) I love my girls so incredibly much. Their personalities are coming out more and more each day and it makes me beyond proud. Especially when something cute is done and Abby says, "Did you just see your kid?" as she laughs and laughs. #CracksMeUp