Thursday, June 9, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) The best part of waking up is not Foldgers in my's watching baby Jem-Jem wiggle around while cooing & exercising. #LoveMyLilBit

2.) Anxiously awaiting my lunch date w/ Hubs at #TheFishMarket today. There's a grilled shrimp salad w/ my name written all over it. #YumoNMyTumo

3.) Got a check in the mail today. Written beside the "For" was "beach with bitches." Loves it. #AreWeThereYet!?

4.) Big Bertha got a bath today and I swear her internal thermostat dropped two degrees. #HawtAsBallsOutside

5.) Can't get enough of the crazy drama that is #TheRealHousewivesOfNJ&NYC. Bravo, #BravoChannel, Bravo. #WhereDoTheyFindThesePeople?

6.) RT @klandess: AL actually made a good list...the most certified organic farms per capita than any other state! Go Alabama!

7.) Believes God gave me 3 girls to teach them to be open-minded, caring, down-to-earth & fun. Because we all know this place doesn't need more crap.

8.) You know it's been far too long to hit up the gym when you can't locate your sports bra. But hey, least I knew where my running shoes were. #NotAllIsLost

9.) Q: Wanna know why I love my local nail salon? A: Because they play Delilah. Always. #LoveSomeoneTonight

10.) Is cooking dinner. Or is it cooking me? 100 degrees on June 1st is ridiculous. #SummerInTheSouth

11.) Absolutely loves the result of a killer golden tan. On the flip side, I absolutely loathe the week after of freakishly peeling everywhere. #ShedMuch?

12.) Signed up my eldest girly girl for cheerleading this weekend. The look on her face when she put on the uniform was priceless. #StillInShock

13.) Whoever said the quote about having no regrets in life has obviously never gotten drunk and picked up a cell phone. #SGP

14.) Saw the trailor for #BreakingDawn & gots to admit that I got chill bumps, teared up & screamed using my inside voice. #HappilyHormonalForNov18

15.) Too damn hot for errands & carrying around a pumpkin seat. Head is pounding. Need drugs. Stat. #GirlsGottaDoWhatGirlsGottaDo

16.) I feel bad for people who aren't caffeine addicts: when they wake up in the morning, that's as alive as they're going to feel all day. #SGP

17.) Physical Therapist came to play w/ Baby Jem-Jem this am. Said she is doing everything she should be at her age & passed skills w/ flying colors. #Awesome #ThankYouSweetBabyJesus

18.) PT appointment for baby to school to pick up big sis for dance back to school then errands. I should eat but I'd rather nap. #Early2Bed2Nite

19.) RT @klandess: Why do men think we want to see pictures of their penises?! You want to turn a woman on? E-mail her a picture of your stellar credit report.

20.) Dropped off dinner at Nan's & while on the way back home, I accidentally ran over a squirrel...does this mean my good karma was just canceled out by a bad one? #Crappit

21.) Pretty damn certain that working out during last hour of closing at the #YMCA is the best. Reason being, because I'm not the fluffiest one there. #Score #ItsTrue

22.) Who'd a thunk baby officially turns 3 months old and she finally sleeps through the entire night. #KnewSheLovedHerMother

23.) Ridiculous confession: I love my #SharkSteamMop because of the sound it makes when it blows out hot air. #JustLikeMeSometimes

24.) Jay and the guys have entered a somewhat "Biggest Loser" contest. Whoever wins has to watch all of our kids for a night. We're really hoping Jay wins considering we have 3 to mostly everyone's 1. I know Jay is uber competitive, but so is Tony... #LetTheGamesBegin

25.) Had dinner at Nan's house last night because she had something to tell us. And I'm not ready to talk about it. Not yet. #ToBeContinued


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

So glad to hear that baby Jemmas PT appt went well!!

Not for sure what is going on, what Nan had to to tell you, but I hope all is okay - will say a prayer.