Thursday, June 16, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Give a girl a Diet Coke and she can conquer the world. #SGP

2.) After last night's karaoking & dancing shenanigans, I'm so thankful baby Jem-Jem has an afternoon doc appointment. #MommyNeedsMoreSleep

3.) RT @bhambear: To men, fertile women and Lebron James are the same thing. If they miss that last period, you lose.

4.) While dropping off Jay back to work after having lunch together, i playfully pinched his nipple. About the same time, he quickly pinched my underarm fat in retaliation. That's gonna leave a mark. #CatLikeReflexes #Focker

5.) Enjoyed my first #Zumba class with my mom. I'm now fully aware of where I get my fantastic awkward rhythm. #AppleDoesntFallFarFromTree

6.) Nightmare woke up kid who woke up the whole house. Every hour was something. Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song" comes to mind today. #JustSayin

7.) Nothing's cuter than a toddler in a pair of bowling shoes. #BowlingWithTheParentals

8.) RT@capricecrane: Apparently, people go to "sex rehab" because there isn't a "got busted being stupid rehab."

9.) Lola just bowled a 143. If you know my Lola, I know your mouth just dropped. #BowlingWithTheParentals

10.) While getting my fingers measured for bowling ball, the guy tells me "It will get tighter before it gets better." #ThatsWhatSheSaid

11.) Loves when Lyla turns on the light and says, "morning time!" then she quickly turns it back off and says, "night time!" #OverAndOverAgain

12.) So incredibly sore from working out yesterday. Proof that I need to get my old crotchety self into shape. Preferably one that is not round. #HeHeHe

13.) Kung Fu Panda 2 had a cute message: "You can do anything if you have inner peace." #NoDoubt

14.) Chewing on the original flavored #WrigleysJuicyFruit gum & it's bringing back so many memories from high school. Like, whoa.

15.) #RealHousewivesNYC recent episode annoys the shit out of me. Everyone wants to argue all.the.damn.time & is soo melodramatic. #GaveMeAHeadache #PowerOff

16.) RT@anjeanette: Dad takes teen girl's cell phone away, so she shot him with a hunting bow. Its nice she has an appreciation for both medieval & modern times.

17.) RT @iamthatgirl: Breakthroughs often come from breakdowns.

18.) Just left Nan's house. Helped her clean out & organize craft room in preparation for garage sale. Anyone want paint/sewing supplies, call me.

19.) Fact: Is addicted to hand sanitizer. #AndIJustCantGetEnough

20.) Gotta love it when you're craving something for dinner & then you frantically search your pantry to discover that you have all ingredients. #HipHipHooray

21.) Oops: That annoying moment when you're cooking & you realize you need a bigger pot. #HateItWhenThatHappens

22.) New drinking game while watching #TheBachelorette: Throw back a shot every time she mentions Bentley. #GetOverItAlready #IdBeDrunk

23.) Baby JemJem's neurosurgeon told us that the ct scan showed no compression or swelling in her ventricles & temporary shunt is working great. #FollowUpIn6Weeks #Yay

24.) My eldest daughter told me today that the "line leader" is in the front & the "door opener" opens the doors. Mensa, call me. #MyKidIsAGenius

25.) Nothing finally puts a fussy baby out like a nice warm bath. #WhewMommasGotStuffToDo

26.) I fought the #Zumba and the Zumba won. Goodnight, Tweeps! #ExhaustedAndDefeated

27.) We celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary next weekend with some friends on a "Couples Trip" to New Orleans. Words cannot express how excited I am to dance up and all over the Hubs. I've learned some new moves thanks to zumba over the last few weeks, and I don't think the man can handle them. Bwah, hahaha!!!