Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) You know you have a severe FB addiction when you take a picture of your kid & then she says, "Don't put that on Facebook." #Who?Me? #LoveMyAbby

2.) Loves holding and cuddling my sleeping baby as I listen to the sound of thunder rolling through as it rains hard on my window panes. Definitely nap inducing. #LovingThisRainyDay #LoveMyJemJem

3.) The look on my middle child's face when she squints her eyes and performs the biggest fake cry I have ever seen is actually heartwarming. #LoveMyLyla

4.) Hubs enjoyed lake yesterday & now 36 holes on golf course. Texted him that we can eat dinner out just for him, my treat. Ha! #HappyFathersDay

5.) Forgot to wear my wedding ring out to dinner. Hubs said it was okay...that I can be his mistress for the night. #Score #AsLongAsDinnerIsFree

6.) A friend told me that since my new camera can't fit in my purse, it simply means I need a new bigger purse. #IHaveSmartFriends

7.) Note to self: Repeating "spit up is the new black" makes me feel a little better for always wearing it. #FoulSmellingFashionista

8.) Nan gave us a crate full of booze & bags full of wrapping paper...something's telling me I should host a drunken wrapping party. #ImagineThat

9.) My Lyla just came out of the bathroom with a towel over her head, brushing her hair with a toothbrush, & announced, "I just took a shower." #PerfectRolePlaying

10.) Es muy hambre. Spanish to English translation: I am very hungry. In fact, I can hear my fat eating my fat. #FeedMeSeymour

11.) It's witching hour and Daddy's at jiu jitsu. All three girls screaming their heads off. Yay me! #SuckItMonday #SerenityNow

12.) I was once told pre-motherhood to "nap when the baby naps." This has got to be the best advice ever. #DontHaveToTellMeTwice

13.) Tonight, Zumba. Tomorrow, Flash mob. #AGirlCanDream #BringIt

14.) Q: Wanna know why I love country music? A: Because Daddies sure do love to sing about their little girls. #SheThinksWe'reJustFishing #SugarySweetness

15.) While picking up Abby at school, I could tell she had been crying. Teacher told me she was upset that she didn't win in "Freeze Dance." She did great, but came in 2nd. #ProofOfOurCompetitiveGenes

16.) Guilty Pleasure #429: Sometimes I like to eat a #Zaxbys salad in my car because it's quiet alone time with music I want to listen to & not a #Disney dvd.

17.) So many good upbeat dance songs on the radio lately. Gives me the sudden urge to go clubbin. Just can't forget my glow sticks. #NOLABoundBitches!!

18.) My one-on-one time with sweet baby Jem-Jem this summer really makes me happy. Especially knowing that she is being given the same opportunity with me as her big sisters did. #TheyreOnlyBabiesForSoLong...

19.) Zumba Round IV. We may have lost the last battle, but we're still fighting the war.

20.) And so it begins...gathering up Jay's plastic bags of sweaty clothes from spin class (during his lunch break) and jiu jitsu at night. #Rrrrrrralph #LovelyLaundry

21.) Feels so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by awesome family and friends who always seem to help with a favor, big or small. Ya'll have no idea how much it REALLY helps me out. Love you guys bunches and bunches and bunches. and then some.