Thursday, June 16, 2011

uniform shopping

thursday we met up with shannon, stacy, and kathryn in order to purchase the girls' school uniforms before they start in august. i'm not gonna lie, i was really excited about this and i know abby was too. since she started preschool and saw the older kids in their uniforms, she couldn't wait to wear some of her own. so she tried some different sizes on and my heart began to flutter. my little girl is growing up right before my eyes. i officially feel so old. lol. take a look for yourself (btw, the quality of these pics aren't that great since they were taken from my iphone...once we purchased the kids' uniforms, we decided to eat lunch at the new frio en la paz in vestavia. mexican was definitely on the brain and since we love the la paz in mountain brook, we really wanted to give this one a go as well. the food and margaritas were delicious and the kids all behaved wonderfully while the moms chatted about the upcoming school year, etc. while walking out, kathryn gave the kids some coins to throw in the nearby fountain. we had plans to go swimming at her neighborhood pool, but decided against it since we were all on a time constraint. luckily, i'm glad we didn't because later kathryn texted that a kid had pooped in the pool and management had to close it down for the day. ha! looks like it was craptastically meant to be. here are some pics...