Sunday, July 31, 2011

fun times at the lake

sunday morning, we had plans to make our way up to the lake. it feels like forever since we've last been and i could just hear the screams of my name as it begged for us to get there. so we packed up for a quick day trip and met the thomas and mitchelle families there. mamaw drove over too to help us with the babies while we swam and cruised around on the boat in desperate search of some vitamin d on our woefully white bodies.

despite the overcast and rainy days that have been lurking around, today was absolutely beautiful. just what the doctor ordered. abby was excited to play with brooke and even more excited that they had on the exact same puddle jumper (we forgot their other ones at home, but luckily have extras at the lakehouse). lyla was also excited to play with cousin carson, and baby jem-jem was excited to babble and sleep beside baby grant. everyone seemed to have a partner-in-crime...even jaydoug and mitchelle were having a slight bromance while floating along in the lake. don't ask, don't tell. all i know is that it made for one hilarious picture. oh thy lake, how much we adore thee...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

jessi's 31st birthday dinner

saturday night, jay and i met up with friends in honor of jessi's 31st birthday. we celebrated her special day over dinner at bottega cafe. all of her close friends were there, hubbies included, and it was nice catching up with everyone like we always do. we talked about how great it was that even though most of us moved away to different states in search of their own career paths, that everyone has successfully made their way back "home." that now we are all living within a reasonable amount of driving (aka, visiting) distance. it's fabulous. also, congrats to the birthday girl for her recent career move to hotlanta...emory is going to love you just as much as we do. all in all, it was a wonderful night out. happy birthday, jessi!! xoxo

summer lovin'

saturday morning, we decided to finally put to use a big inflatable swimming pool that the girls had received for a birthday present years ago. i completely forgot that we stashed it away downstairs in my scrapbook room closet until i reorganized some stuff. so we get it out, jay pumps it up, the girls fill it up with water, bathing suits were donned, and the rest was history.

it was awesome. the sun was shining beautifully as the girls were splashing along having a blast. we even got baby jem-jem dressed into her first bikini and let her take a refreshing dip as well. it was terribly cute to hear her big sisters "baby talk" to her and make sure she was okay for the first ohh 20 minutes of sitting there. they were all thrilled. it was actually baby jem-jem's first time ever to be in any body of water other than her miniature bath tub that sits in the sink. again, it was fun and i'm so glad we have rediscovered this wee happy inflatable pool. here are some pics...

Friday, July 29, 2011

mother/daughter date

friday, abby and i enjoyed a mother/daughter date night with our BFFs (stacy and brooke). we met up for dinner at stix for some yummy sushi before making our way to the girls' first cheerleading meeting at our local football fields. we sat down, listened to lots of information as we briefed through the folder we were given and then collected our kid's uniforms, shoes, pom-poms, hairbows, warm-ups, etc. i've got to be honest, i know absolutely nothing about cheerleading being that i played volleyball, basketball, and soccer all throughout school...all i know is that my kid looks soooo ridiculously cute in her uniform. this sporty mom is letting her girly girl take a dip into each and every hobby and letting her figure out which best suits her. in the meantime, gooo rockets!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Was recently reminded why I don't get out much during the day during this dreadful heat wave of summer. It's hot as Hades, people! #HibernatingInsideWithAC

2.) Thankful for my neighbor giving us a heapful of their homegrown tomatoes because my kiddos are nutso over them. #LolaWouldBeProud

3.) "Well done is better than well said."- Benjamin Franklin

4.) RT @usweekly: Amy Winehouse joins rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin and others in the #27club.

5.) Held my pee for nearly two hours because I didn't want to miss a single second of awesomeness. #KegelsForHarryPotter

6.) Second kid's birthday party: Booked. Third kid's Baptism: Booked. Holidays: Right around the corner. #LetTheMadnessBegin

7.) Hubs is oddly obsessed with cleaning our kids' ears. Such a strange yet good hygienical man. #DaddysQuirks

8.) Spent majority of the night sorting through both Abby & Lyla's baby clothes in preparation for Jem-Jem & upcoming new season. Didn't realize how much awesome stuff I still had. #HoorayForThreeGirls

9.) Meanwhile leaving grocery store & frantically running to my car, it begins to thunder & lightening something fierce. Church van pulls up...Teenagers scatter like roaches out of said church van & one screams, "Wait for me, God is mad & is going to wash me away!!" #GodBlessTheBibleBelt

10.) Never fails that I go to the grocery store for one thing & end up getting five...then forgetting the major one thing: Toilet paper. #Craptastic #NoPunIntended

11.) So I told myself that I wouldn't show any curiosity in #Pinterest or #GooglePlus...but I lied. One of them has sucked me in. #DamnYouWorldWideWeb

12.) Bless be the good-natured, for they bless everybody else. -Thomas Carlyle

13.) Worked on my fitness. #Zumba was my witness. Can I get an amen? And another sweat rag? #PerspirationIsAnInspiration

14.) You know you're a mother when you go to cook dinner & find a diaper in your pots & pans cabinet. Thankfully, it was unused. #JoysOfParenthood

15.) Recently notified that my parentals read my "Thursday Thoughts" on this wee lil diddy. Perhaps I will start washing my mouth out with soap now along with my content. #CatholicGuilt

16.) Took girls to their routine checkup today. Abby's weight (40 lbs at 5 y/o) puts her in the 50th percentile & height in 75th. Baby JemJem's weight (15 lbs 10 oz at 4 months) puts her in the 75th, height in 50th. #ReverseSisters #BothPerfectInEveryWay

17.) As soon as Dr. W walked through the door, Abby asked if she was going to get any shots. He checked her chart and replied back with a "No." She quickly smiled and then asked if she would still be able to get a sucker. #LoveMyKids

18.) Best membership in the state of Alabama: McWane Science Center. #CantGetEnough

19.) RT @UABathletics: C-USA announces record number of football games to be televised in 2011. #ReadyToTailgate #GoBlazers

20.) Finished watching Battlestar Galactica series with The Hubs (although admittedly, i fell asleep to half of it). Now we're on a new DVD series: Game of Thrones. #HeIsAReaderWhileIAmAWatcher

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednesday: daddy multitasking...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

slumber party!!!

saturday night after claire bear's birthday party at the salon, uncle tony and auntie maloney took abby and lyla home with them so that they could enjoy a slumber party with the birthday girl. i was a bit nervous as to how lyla would do considering this was her very first one, but thankfully big sister was with her. i left my camera with maloney and asked if she didn't mind taking a few pictures. after scanning through all of them, i knew my kids were definitely in good hands and had the time of their life. i mean, just look at them...excited much? yeah, i think so. once they arrived at their house, auntie maloney helped them put their pajamas on in claire bear's room. soon after, uncle tony hooked up a princess pinata in their master bedroom and let each girl take a whack at it. obviously i wasn't there, but just by observing the look on abby's face, i could tell it was a good time. they each filled up their own bag with lots and lots of candy. here are some pics...later, the three girls got to enjoy picking out their own ice cream for dessert. abby chose vanilla whereas claire bear and lyla chose chocolate and "ate it all gone." after dessert, they headed to the den where they watched "the little mermaid" movie and danced to the songs on repeat. supposedly, it was hysterical. i can see as to why. here are some this point the night is winding down. all the sugar that they have inhaled throughout the day is causing them to crash. uncle tony gathers them on the couch and reads a bedtime story from claire bear's disney princess book. abby has told me that this was her favorite part of the whole weekend. super sweet, right? once the story was over with, auntie maloney gave them their ridiculously cute sleeping masks which was one of their party favors from earlier in the day. clearly, you can tell that the wee little princesses thought they were so silly and fun. soon after, they all fell asleep together in the birthday girl's bed. here are some pics...that night while abby and lyla were enjoying their slumber party, jay and i dropped off baby jem-jem at lola and pawpaw's house so that we could enjoy a lovely date night. we went to katie and frank's house in honor of frank's 30th birthday party, then headed to dinner at cajun steamers, and then saw harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 movie around 10:30pm. it was a great night and we really enjoyed ourselves considering all three of our girls were spending the night out. thank you, lola and thank you, tony & maloney!! we owe you guys BIG!

the next morning, we go to pick up baby jem-jem at lola's and then head over to maloney's mom's house where abby and lyla were swimming at the pool with claire. seriously, the fun never stopped. we arrived and hung out for a bit as we talked and listened to what fun the girls had at their slumber party. we said goodbyes and drove home listening to tears and cries of "wanting to stay and live with claire bear's family." it was actually quite heartwarming, but made us realize how much deprogramming we are going to have to do once we got home. LOL. abby and lyla were both happily worn out and went to bed early that night. signs of a successful weekend. thanks you guys, next slumber party is on us! xoxo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy 3rd birthday, claire bear!!

saturday afternoon, abby and lyla were super excited to celebrate one of their best friends' birthday at her party. it was for claire bear and the festivities were held inside salon terra bella where they were all treated and pampered like the princesses they are. there were five girls total (claire bear, abby, lyla, lily, and ava) and they all rotated between getting a manicure of pink and purple nail polish, glittery make-up done, and a beautiful princess curly up do'...words cannot describe how much fun they were having. little girls may be expensive, but oh my, how they are soooo worth it. here are some pics...after all manicures and make-up were done, the stylists started working on each princess's hair. they got half way through and then decided to give the girls a break so that we could all sing happy birthday to claire bear and watch her blow out the candles on her cake. it was funny to watch them continuously try and blow the candles out since the birthday girl's daddy (tony) had bought trick candles that wouldn't fizzle out. it was hilarious. sweet baby jem-jem was there too to help cheer on and celebrate, as well as all of the daddies...not gonna lie, i think it's the sweetest thing watching these men raise their little "daddy's girls." thankfully, they're all in the same boat and love it. here are some pics...after enjoying cake and some chick-fil-a, the girls climbed back up their salon chairs as their stylists finished making them the ultimate pretty princesses. admittedly, i've never had the time to curl either abby or lyla's hair so to see it so pretty and made up, made me realize what a stunning little lady abby is turning into and how lyla's perfect lil puppy dog eyes will melt you in seconds. they looked absolutely beautiful. they all did.

lyla played with the princess app on my phone as she waited and soon everyone opened up their goody bags which had their own personalized headbands inside, a sleeping eye mask, candy, a shower pouf, beaded necklace, etc. once everyone was done, they received a purple balloon and gathered in front of the princess castle mural that was located in the back of the salon. it was the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday party for a special princess. happy 3rd birthday, claire bear!! we love you! xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

stacy's birthmonth dinner

friday night we celebrated stacy's birthmonth over dinner and drinks at her favorite restaurant, p.f.chang's. her special day is earlier in the month, but since she couldn't attend the mommapalooza beach trip the weekend of her birthday, we knew we would have to celebrate a little later. plus, we all know how much she enjoys celebrating throughout the entire month so it was perfect.

the only dinner reservations that were available for a party of 8 that night was at with a mass email, i snagged us a spot and we all decided to go shopping at charming charlie's and have a drink next door at chuy's before dinner began. it was a lovely dinner with great company. after dinner, some decided to continue the fun at some local bars. i decided to head back home considering i was exhausted from the lack of sleep after tending to baby jem-jem the night before. i did however enjoy receiving some hilarious texts that night by the birthday girl herself. happy happy birthday, stacy!! we love you! xoxo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

welcome, baby taylor!

thursday night, we had plans to drop off dinner to the johnsey family and finally meet sweet baby taylor. the girls were so excited to meet their cousin and both jay and i couldn't wait to hold our newest nephew. baby taylor has a head full of dark hair like his daddy and is just absolutely precious. even though i feel like baby jemma is still little, you really do forget how "little" babies are when they are newborns.

we sat down and stayed awhile as abby and lyla played with douglas and we listened to momma gracie rehash the events that lead up to his delivery. although i had heard minor details from her on the day that he was born, it was much more funnier hearing some more specific ones. for example, gracie said that they were spending the day at the pool when all of a sudden her contractions went from 0-60 in seconds. she ran to the bathroom in pain as her mom told her, "you better not have this baby on the toilet" as they debated calling 911 or driving to the hospital themselves. needless to say, gracie arrived at the hospital at 5:00pm and had baby taylor at 5:03pm, two pushes later and without an epidural. i told her that she was my hero. seriously.

overall, we're so glad that both mommy and baby taylor are doing well. congrats, you guys!! we love you all! xoxo. here are some pics...

thursday's thoughts

1.) My offspring are so incredibly clumsy that some times I have no idea how I've managed to keep them alive. #FallAfterFall #TimeAfterTime

2.) Cuddling on the couch with my sweet baby Jem-Jem on a fugly rainy day is like a cupcake for my soul. #WantedNeededAndLoved

3.) Marking things off the never-ending To Do List because I'm so gansta, yo! #TooMuchToDo #TooLittleTime

4.) Stuffing goody bags on Friday night in preparation of eldest daughter's 5th birthday party 2morow. No idea why, but I <3 this kind of stuff. #KidsSwagBags

5.) Just saw a tranny at dinner tonight. What has been seen cannot be unseen. #HolyFakeHooters

6.) Dear Twitter, hate to say it, but i loathe abbreviating thus misspelling words just to make what I want to say fit into 140 characters. #OCDisMe

7.) "If you don't want to burnout, stop living like you're on fire." -Brené Brown

8.) RT @capricecrane: Remember, they're laughing with you, not at you. They're only pointing at you so you know who they're laughing with.

9.) It's so windy outside...(How windy is it?)...It's so windy outside that I just slammed half my hair in my car door. #ThereGoesMyGoodHairDay

10.) You call it bandwagoning, I call it using the World Cup as just another excuse to put a drink in my cup in the name of my country. #SGP #GoUSAWomensSoccer

11.) Gotta love walking into your kids' bathroom and turning on the light only to realize the switch is covered in syrup. #JoysOfMotherhood

12.) In a strangely odd way, I love Mondays because I get to take back & clean my house after a carefree weekend of being Casa de Schlubs.

13.) This has been the BEST summer ever. Must it really come to an end? #SniffSniff

14.) While watching the news, a story unfolds about a woman who tried to sell her baby at a Taco Bell. The same place where mystery meat lives. #NoBueno

15.) Thank God for Teen Mom and its heartwarming message that somewhere out there, some b!tch is crazier than you. #SGP

16.) My two year old went down the zip line at #McWane this morning. The same one who fell off the gigantic piano keys. #WinSomeLoseSome

17.) “Pizza is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.” -Anonymous

18.) My ridiculously sweet 4 month old has been babbling nonstop all morning. As soon as I get the video camera out, she stops & stares with silence. #GoFigure

19.) Has officially completed and been pulled up to speed with all things #PrettyLittleLiars. Now what late night viewing shall the Hubs and I enjoy? #NeedSuggestions

20.) Oh Chappy's, my Chappy's...How I have missed you... #MapleTurkeyCroissantFTW #LunchDatesFTW

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

abby's 5th birthday!

today officially marked my firstborn's fifth birthday. ((gasp)) i know...i can't believe i have a sweet little kid that will be entering kindergarten in the next couple of weeks. she's really 5, ya'll. i have a five year old. eek! so today we woke up abby and lyla and got them ready for "school" at mount vernon nearby our house. they have been going there since summer started so that i can take care of baby jemma while the big sisters stay entertained. they love it, we love it. it's definitely a win-win for all and worth every red cent.

so after dropping them off and walking them to their classrooms, we gave abby's teacher some cupcakes for a birthday celebration and my camera for pictures of said celebration. admittedly, i love doing this with teachers because it's always fun to see what i get back. ummm, let's just say abby's teacher (ms. mary beth) is AWE-SOME. she took so many great pics and clearly knows how to operate and have fun with a camera. here are some pics of abby while inside her classroom...after abby and her classmates enjoyed their cupcakes and took some pictures, it was time for them to go outside and play on the playground. her teacher took some more pics for me of abby just running around and enjoying the good weather with her friends. here are those...once abby's class comes back inside after playing on the playground, it's time for rest time. abby has told us that she hates rest time because she can never fall asleep. so since today was her special day, tita karmie came to pick her up and check her out right before rest time so that they could enjoy the rest of the day together as tita karmie's birthday treat to her.

first stop, they go swimming at tita karmie's local YMCA pool. abby enjoyed swimming around, splashing, and going down the big waterslide tunnel. she had a blast. after wards, they went shopping where tita karmie bought her a new dress and let her pick out whatever she wanted...which of course were a bunch of markers, crayons, papers, and glue sticks (arts-n-craft type things are her favorite right now). she also got a hello kitty dvd which she later watched that night. here are some pics...soon it was nearing 5:30pm where we decided to take the birthday girl out for dinner per her request. she chose mexican. a girl after my own heart. so we let tita karmie know what the plans were along with abby's BFF, brooke. they all meet us at jalisco's where we sat in the corner booth. we finished our dinner and then our waiter brought out a miniature sombrero and an ice cream with a number 5 candle on it for abby. her face lit up as we sang happy birthday and watched as she blew out her candle.

from that point on, all of the kids were just acting super silly. moreover, the finale of the night occurred with screams from the bathroom because abby and brooke couldn't open the door and thought they were trapped. the whole restaurant laughed as they frantically came out with tears and terror on their faces. this mediocre helicopter mom should have ordered a margarita because i swear it sounded like they were dying and totally shot my nerves. overall, it was a very special day for our special newly 5 year old. happy happy birthday, mabster! we love you!! xoxo