Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of july weekend 2011

our weekend started with jay's family from chicago coming down and joining us for a day at the lake. we all had a great time as we went swimming and then later, jay took uncle ian, aunt sally, cousins terri and trevor along with jess cruising around on the boat. jay showed trevor how to go kneeboarding on the lake for his first time ever. he got up on his first try and we were all so proud. soon after, we cruised around some more and stopped at turtle rock where trevor and auntie jess jumped off the top of it while the kiddos swam around. it was a lot of fun. here are some pics...on our way back to the lakehouse, jay let terri drive the boat. we made a quick stop back to the dock to get the huge float so that we could all go tubing. first up was uncle ian and trevor. they were having a blast as jay whipped them around on top of the waves. shortly after, we stopped at rock creek marina where everyone got to see and feed the big carp fish while jay filled up on gas. as usual, the munchkins got to pick out their own ring pop and then we drove back home. here are some pics...after wards, uncle ian and the gang wanted to see the biggest man made dam east of the mississippi river so jay took them there by boat. it was a nice little laid back cruise around sunset. once we got back, we jumped in our car since we had plans for a family spaghetti dinner at nan's house back in birmingham. it was a great dinner as we recapped the eventful day with each other. nan gave the girls some stickers and paper as they got crafty in the kitchen while everyone cleaned up. dinner was delicious and it was the perfect ended to a fun long day. here are some pics...