Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of july weekend 2011

as tradition stands, the sunday of a holiday weekend is usually when we have a few close friends come up to the lake for the day where we grill out and play while everyone brings a dish to share and some drinks. everyone enjoys swimming, chatting, eating, laughing, and partaking in all of the different water activities. the hamlin and blankenship families came up as well as auntie jess and our chicago family. here are some pics...although it's been many years for uncle ian to get behind a boat and on a pair of skis, he wanted to give it a try. like riding a bike, it was an easy feat that wasn't lost. jay pulled him around and then later, he actually got aunt sally to take a ride on the tube with the kids. it was hilarious. also, jay got to go slaloming and really enjoyed it. we were all so happy to be able to spend a great weekend with both friends and family. here are some pics...later around 6:00pm, everyone was getting ready to pack up and make their way back home. we said our goodbyes, ate dinner at the lakehouse, and gave many thanks to mamaw for watching sweet baby jem-jem for us while we went out one more time to watch the fireworks that were going to be displayed around rock creek at 9:00pm. auntie jess went with us as we made our way into the direction of a thunderstorm. we could see if from afar so jay stopped the boat and waited for it to pass. in the meantime, DJ jazzy jess cranked up the radio's volume as we danced and acted all kinds of silly. pictures were taken of course...what better way to kill time, right!? here are some pics...that last picture is my best attempt at a cheesy wanna be glamor shot with the hubs. good times. anywho, the storm ahead seemed to be getting worse and was heading in our direction. instead of going back to our lakehouse, we decided to stop at uncle germy's place to say hello and play while the thunderstorm passed. rain and lightening was coming in all sorts of directions as we so nervously ran up his back porch. the girls got to play with cousin hudson while everyone pretty much just chilled out on the back porch.once it stopped raining, we decided to try one more time to make our way to the fireworks. once we got on the boat, we saw lightening ahead and just decided to head back to our place. better safe than sorry, i always say. luckily, neighbors were shooting off big fireworks and the girls enjoyed watching those instead. once we got back in, we grabbed some sparklers and went out on to our front porch with auntie jess as jay lit everyone's sparkler. all in all, it was a great night despite the rain. here are some pics...