Wednesday, July 20, 2011

abby's 5th birthday!

today officially marked my firstborn's fifth birthday. ((gasp)) i know...i can't believe i have a sweet little kid that will be entering kindergarten in the next couple of weeks. she's really 5, ya'll. i have a five year old. eek! so today we woke up abby and lyla and got them ready for "school" at mount vernon nearby our house. they have been going there since summer started so that i can take care of baby jemma while the big sisters stay entertained. they love it, we love it. it's definitely a win-win for all and worth every red cent.

so after dropping them off and walking them to their classrooms, we gave abby's teacher some cupcakes for a birthday celebration and my camera for pictures of said celebration. admittedly, i love doing this with teachers because it's always fun to see what i get back. ummm, let's just say abby's teacher (ms. mary beth) is AWE-SOME. she took so many great pics and clearly knows how to operate and have fun with a camera. here are some pics of abby while inside her classroom...after abby and her classmates enjoyed their cupcakes and took some pictures, it was time for them to go outside and play on the playground. her teacher took some more pics for me of abby just running around and enjoying the good weather with her friends. here are those...once abby's class comes back inside after playing on the playground, it's time for rest time. abby has told us that she hates rest time because she can never fall asleep. so since today was her special day, tita karmie came to pick her up and check her out right before rest time so that they could enjoy the rest of the day together as tita karmie's birthday treat to her.

first stop, they go swimming at tita karmie's local YMCA pool. abby enjoyed swimming around, splashing, and going down the big waterslide tunnel. she had a blast. after wards, they went shopping where tita karmie bought her a new dress and let her pick out whatever she wanted...which of course were a bunch of markers, crayons, papers, and glue sticks (arts-n-craft type things are her favorite right now). she also got a hello kitty dvd which she later watched that night. here are some pics...soon it was nearing 5:30pm where we decided to take the birthday girl out for dinner per her request. she chose mexican. a girl after my own heart. so we let tita karmie know what the plans were along with abby's BFF, brooke. they all meet us at jalisco's where we sat in the corner booth. we finished our dinner and then our waiter brought out a miniature sombrero and an ice cream with a number 5 candle on it for abby. her face lit up as we sang happy birthday and watched as she blew out her candle.

from that point on, all of the kids were just acting super silly. moreover, the finale of the night occurred with screams from the bathroom because abby and brooke couldn't open the door and thought they were trapped. the whole restaurant laughed as they frantically came out with tears and terror on their faces. this mediocre helicopter mom should have ordered a margarita because i swear it sounded like they were dying and totally shot my nerves. overall, it was a very special day for our special newly 5 year old. happy happy birthday, mabster! we love you!! xoxo