Sunday, July 31, 2011

fun times at the lake

sunday morning, we had plans to make our way up to the lake. it feels like forever since we've last been and i could just hear the screams of my name as it begged for us to get there. so we packed up for a quick day trip and met the thomas and mitchelle families there. mamaw drove over too to help us with the babies while we swam and cruised around on the boat in desperate search of some vitamin d on our woefully white bodies.

despite the overcast and rainy days that have been lurking around, today was absolutely beautiful. just what the doctor ordered. abby was excited to play with brooke and even more excited that they had on the exact same puddle jumper (we forgot their other ones at home, but luckily have extras at the lakehouse). lyla was also excited to play with cousin carson, and baby jem-jem was excited to babble and sleep beside baby grant. everyone seemed to have a partner-in-crime...even jaydoug and mitchelle were having a slight bromance while floating along in the lake. don't ask, don't tell. all i know is that it made for one hilarious picture. oh thy lake, how much we adore thee...