Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy 3rd birthday, claire bear!!

saturday afternoon, abby and lyla were super excited to celebrate one of their best friends' birthday at her party. it was for claire bear and the festivities were held inside salon terra bella where they were all treated and pampered like the princesses they are. there were five girls total (claire bear, abby, lyla, lily, and ava) and they all rotated between getting a manicure of pink and purple nail polish, glittery make-up done, and a beautiful princess curly up do'...words cannot describe how much fun they were having. little girls may be expensive, but oh my, how they are soooo worth it. here are some pics...after all manicures and make-up were done, the stylists started working on each princess's hair. they got half way through and then decided to give the girls a break so that we could all sing happy birthday to claire bear and watch her blow out the candles on her cake. it was funny to watch them continuously try and blow the candles out since the birthday girl's daddy (tony) had bought trick candles that wouldn't fizzle out. it was hilarious. sweet baby jem-jem was there too to help cheer on and celebrate, as well as all of the daddies...not gonna lie, i think it's the sweetest thing watching these men raise their little "daddy's girls." thankfully, they're all in the same boat and love it. here are some pics...after enjoying cake and some chick-fil-a, the girls climbed back up their salon chairs as their stylists finished making them the ultimate pretty princesses. admittedly, i've never had the time to curl either abby or lyla's hair so to see it so pretty and made up, made me realize what a stunning little lady abby is turning into and how lyla's perfect lil puppy dog eyes will melt you in seconds. they looked absolutely beautiful. they all did.

lyla played with the princess app on my phone as she waited and soon everyone opened up their goody bags which had their own personalized headbands inside, a sleeping eye mask, candy, a shower pouf, beaded necklace, etc. once everyone was done, they received a purple balloon and gathered in front of the princess castle mural that was located in the back of the salon. it was the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday party for a special princess. happy 3rd birthday, claire bear!! we love you! xoxo