Saturday, July 16, 2011

happy 5th birthday, abby!

saturday, abby celebrated her 5th birthday party at vestavia bowl from 1:00-3:00pm. she chose her theme which was kind of like "strawberry shortcake meets bowling." it was awesome. all of her friends were there and the two hours seemed to fly by. jay and i were kind of worried to see how this party would pan out considering some of the kids had never been to a bowling party before. surprisingly, everyone took turns and we didn't even really need to plug the kids' names into the computer because everyone was just straight up winging it. i guess that's what you do with this amount of kids on 5 lanes. here are some pics...during the party, little sister lyla found a seat beside abby's birthday cake. we all thought she was innocently sitting there watching everyone bowl until i caught her in the act of poking her finger in the side of the said cake and licking off the icing. sweet little mess.

after about an hour, we decided to round up the munchkins around abby's birthday table. she sat in front of her strawberry shortcake themed cake as everyone sang "happy birthday" and watched her blow out her candle. everyone applauds and then all the kids find a seat at their table for some delicious cake and drinks. here are some pics...bowling resumes for a bit for those who still want to give it a go. we snag a group picture of abby and lyla with all of their cousins (minus the 3 newest babies: jemma, grant, and taylor) and then later take a group picture of all the kiddos there. after passing out the goody bags (bowling boxes), our time was up and the regular lights came back on. we joked that just like a last call at a bar, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

although i joked that it was an insane amount of fun, it was probably one of our quickest and easiest set up and preparation for a party ever. thankfully, we didn't even have to clean up and their staff was so incredibly helpful. overall, we really enjoyed watching the birthday girl play with her friends wearing glow stick bracelets under the black lights as they enjoyed the music, disco lights, and bowling. so glad everyone had a great time. happy happy 5th birthday, abby! we love you SOO much. XOXOafter abby's birthday party ended, we went out to dinner with the mitchelles, romen, and kolee-brooke at buffalo wild wings and then had dessert at yogurt mountain. my camera was buried under presents inside big bertha so no pictures were had. crazy, right? because i could have taken a super funny one at yogurt mountain. anyhoo, abby's BFF came home with us since the girls wanted to play together and rummage through her presents. they played all night long and it was the perfect ending to a super fun, yet exhausting day. here are some pics...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Awww, what a great birthday party! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Oh - and that Lyla - god bless her, I love that she was sneaking bites of the cake!!!! :)