Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mcwane your brain

today i took abby to the mcwane center so that she could have some fun with one of her classmates, nate, and his younger brother charlie. it's been awhile since we've been and not only did i need to renew my membership, but we also wanted to check out the new exhibits that they had. one was a zip line located on the 3rd floor. at first sight, i thought abby would be a bit scared and apprehensive about going on it, but as soon as nate jumped up there to show her how much fun it is, she was excited for her turn. i love when she gets excited and brave like that...she seriously surprised me and went down the thing three times. she also went down the big slide that shoots her down onto the next level downstairs. here are some pics...we let the kids run around and play with each activity. they went through the big maze and excitedly found their way out (actually, abby just followed nate who clearly knew the way by heart already). then, they all played soccer as they watched themselves on the big screen as if they were inside a video game.later, we headed down to the first floor where they got to play with the huge bubbles. abby's favorite was when they stepped inside a huge bubble that encapsulated them. it was awesome. mcwane is definitely the best place to have a membership to and i'm so glad it's here in our magic city. overall, it was a great playdate with nate. we'll have to do it again with brooke too now that she is finally back home. here are some pics...