Thursday, July 7, 2011

mommapalooza 2011

thursday around 11:00am, i packed up big bertha (my car) and met up with becca, mandy, and maggie so that we could carpool down to the beach together for a moms only weekend. the other car filled with heather, selena, and lynda left around the same time and laura had plans to meet us on friday morning after she dropped off her kids at her mom's house. every detail had been planned and fine tuned before making this trip so we were really excited to finally arrive at gulf shores.

as soon as we walked through the door, bedrooms were claimed as roomies were already decided days before. we couldn't help but scope out the beautiful view from our balcony and take a quick pic. we also noticed a painting that hung inside the condo that we found to be filled with cute quotes that deemed appropriate for our beach motto for the fantastic weekend ahead. here are some we unpack our bags, get settled in, freshen up a bit, and then decide to hit up the grocery and liquor stores for obvious reasons. after wards, everyone was ready for dinner so we all decided to eat at the hangout since we knew there would be live music outside and more entertainment than we expected. we arrived, put our name on the list, ordered some drinks from the bar, and then found an awesome spot outside where we listened to the band play and chatted away. we raised our drinks and toasted to each other because we knew we were all in good company and that great times were ahead. here are some pics...surprisingly, we didn't have to wait long at all and our table inside was ready. we ordered and ate our yummy dinner as we watched the young employees provide immense amusement with their dances, singing, and various different contests and games. the indian boy was a hot mess. we swore the guy was on crack because he frantically danced with spastic movements that made us dizzy and our mouths drop. mag even got video of him dancing barefoot on top of the table behind us as the waitress waited to seat a family there. it was hilarious.once we finished up eating our dinner, we headed back outside to where the huge stage was, ordered more drinks, and sang and danced to the great songs that the band was playing. admittedly, we got some funny looks by some of the tweens there who were far too young to know or appreciate a good song like bon jovi's "livin' on a prayer." we laughed and thought to ourselves, "oh lawd, one day that's going to be our kids telling us..'mom, please sit down and stop singing.'" we didn't care that we were "those moms"...ya know, the ones without their kids. the ones without responsibility for a whole weekend. it was beyond awesome. here are some pics...we ended up closing down the place shortly after the band ended. we closed out our bar tabs and then headed back to the condo where becca had a card game ready for us to play that she had purchased earlier while at our pit stop to "priester's pecans" in fort deposit on the drive down. i'm not sure how, but the game soon turned into a game of "never have i ever." i must say, i love this game.if you ever want to learn more about your friends or bond on a whole new level...have a few drinks and play this game. the stuff you will find out is outstandingly awesome. one may be surprised, relieved, embarrassed, and everything in between by the end of the night, but knowing that we were all in good laid-back, non-judgemental company felt really good. because after all...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!