Saturday, July 9, 2011

mommapalooza 2011

saturday morning also consisted of oversleeping and then hitting up the beach again. we read and passed around many celebrity magazines and talked for hours about people's random freaky fetishes to backpacks to how most of our kids are entering kindergarten this fall, and everything in between. it was fun. i love this group of women because everyone is on the same page and we are all so laid back and comfortable with one another. it's really a great feeling. here are some pics...after enjoying the beach and getting ready, we all decided to eat an earlier dinner tonight around 5:00pm at cosmo's. the owner also owns cobalt and maggie is friends with the manager so we were able to get a good table. the restaurant was named after the owner's dog and there were many pictures of him that were painted and hung throughout the place. we all ordered some super yummy fruity cocktails along with a fabulous dinner. we toasted each other one last time and shared appetizers. everything was delicious. here are some pics...the reason we chose to eat dinner around 5:00pm was because we all wanted to watch the movie "bridesmaids" that was playing at the theater at the wharf at 7:00pm. i was the only one who has already seen this movie so i automatically knew that everyone would absolutely love it. it really is the best movie to see with a bunch of your girlfriends, and i believe it's even funnier the second time around. we ended up laughing and quoting the movie the whole car ride home. we also did some shopping and i found sweet baby jemma the cutest halloween costume that compliments and completes a matching sisters theme. SOOO.EXCITED. well, i guess that concludes mommapalooza 2011. it was the best all girls beach trip to date, and we can't wait for our next adventure where we take over nashvegas. love you, b!tches! *spoken with love*