Sunday, July 24, 2011

slumber party!!!

saturday night after claire bear's birthday party at the salon, uncle tony and auntie maloney took abby and lyla home with them so that they could enjoy a slumber party with the birthday girl. i was a bit nervous as to how lyla would do considering this was her very first one, but thankfully big sister was with her. i left my camera with maloney and asked if she didn't mind taking a few pictures. after scanning through all of them, i knew my kids were definitely in good hands and had the time of their life. i mean, just look at them...excited much? yeah, i think so. once they arrived at their house, auntie maloney helped them put their pajamas on in claire bear's room. soon after, uncle tony hooked up a princess pinata in their master bedroom and let each girl take a whack at it. obviously i wasn't there, but just by observing the look on abby's face, i could tell it was a good time. they each filled up their own bag with lots and lots of candy. here are some pics...later, the three girls got to enjoy picking out their own ice cream for dessert. abby chose vanilla whereas claire bear and lyla chose chocolate and "ate it all gone." after dessert, they headed to the den where they watched "the little mermaid" movie and danced to the songs on repeat. supposedly, it was hysterical. i can see as to why. here are some this point the night is winding down. all the sugar that they have inhaled throughout the day is causing them to crash. uncle tony gathers them on the couch and reads a bedtime story from claire bear's disney princess book. abby has told me that this was her favorite part of the whole weekend. super sweet, right? once the story was over with, auntie maloney gave them their ridiculously cute sleeping masks which was one of their party favors from earlier in the day. clearly, you can tell that the wee little princesses thought they were so silly and fun. soon after, they all fell asleep together in the birthday girl's bed. here are some pics...that night while abby and lyla were enjoying their slumber party, jay and i dropped off baby jem-jem at lola and pawpaw's house so that we could enjoy a lovely date night. we went to katie and frank's house in honor of frank's 30th birthday party, then headed to dinner at cajun steamers, and then saw harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 movie around 10:30pm. it was a great night and we really enjoyed ourselves considering all three of our girls were spending the night out. thank you, lola and thank you, tony & maloney!! we owe you guys BIG!

the next morning, we go to pick up baby jem-jem at lola's and then head over to maloney's mom's house where abby and lyla were swimming at the pool with claire. seriously, the fun never stopped. we arrived and hung out for a bit as we talked and listened to what fun the girls had at their slumber party. we said goodbyes and drove home listening to tears and cries of "wanting to stay and live with claire bear's family." it was actually quite heartwarming, but made us realize how much deprogramming we are going to have to do once we got home. LOL. abby and lyla were both happily worn out and went to bed early that night. signs of a successful weekend. thanks you guys, next slumber party is on us! xoxo