Saturday, July 30, 2011

summer lovin'

saturday morning, we decided to finally put to use a big inflatable swimming pool that the girls had received for a birthday present years ago. i completely forgot that we stashed it away downstairs in my scrapbook room closet until i reorganized some stuff. so we get it out, jay pumps it up, the girls fill it up with water, bathing suits were donned, and the rest was history.

it was awesome. the sun was shining beautifully as the girls were splashing along having a blast. we even got baby jem-jem dressed into her first bikini and let her take a refreshing dip as well. it was terribly cute to hear her big sisters "baby talk" to her and make sure she was okay for the first ohh 20 minutes of sitting there. they were all thrilled. it was actually baby jem-jem's first time ever to be in any body of water other than her miniature bath tub that sits in the sink. again, it was fun and i'm so glad we have rediscovered this wee happy inflatable pool. here are some pics...